Fans Astonished by David Henrie’s Ageless Appearance in “Wizards Beyond Waverly Place” First Look

By AtticusPublished on: May 15, 2024 Updated on: May 15, 2024
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A sequel to the beloved series Wizards of Waverly Place is officially in the works, titled Wizards Beyond Waverly Place, with Selena Gomez and David Henrie reprising their iconic roles. Although the announcement was made a couple of months ago, Disney recently reignited excitement by posting a promotional photo on its official Instagram page.

The image, which reveals the show’s new title and features the main cast holding magic wands, has generated significant buzz. The standout detail that has captivated fans is David Henrie’s seemingly ageless appearance.

Henrie, who played Justin Russo, looks remarkably unchanged from his days on the original show, which aired its final season in 2012. This uncanny resemblance to his younger self has left fans in awe, sparking a wave of comments and playful speculation on social media.


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On Reddit, users couldn’t help but express their amazement. One comment read, “David Henrie, drop ur skincare routine,” while another asked, “How does he look the same as he did 13 years ago?

The astonishment continued with remarks like, “No, it’s wild. I’m the exact same age as him and me 13 years ago vs me now are two different people,” and the straightforward observation, “David has not aged.” The speculation reached a humorous peak with one fan declaring, “David must really be a wizard. He looks exactly the same as he did on the show.”

The sequel promises to bring back the magic and charm of the original series, with creators hinting at an intriguing plot. “Wizards Beyond Waverly Place” will follow an adult Justin Russo, who has chosen to live a normal life with his family: Giada, Roman, and Milo.

When Justin’s sister Alex brings Billie to his home seeking help, Justin must dust off his magical skills to mentor the wizard-in-training while also juggling his everyday responsibilities and safeguarding the future of the Wizard World.

Henrie’s youthful appearance has become a talking point as anticipation builds for “Wizards Beyond Waverly Place.” Fans are eager to see how the magical adventures of the Russo family will continue and are equally curious about Henrie’s secret to defying the passage of time.

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