Exclusive! Kendall Toole Reveals A Hunky Golfer Boyfriend

By RahulPublished on: April 18, 2024 Updated on: April 28, 2024
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If you’ve been keeping up with the buzzing social media feeds of Peloton’s high-energy instructor Kendall Toole, you might have caught a glimpse of her Insta post that’s got everyone talking.

On April 17th, 2024, Toole stirred the pot of curiosity with a charming Instagram story and video that shone a little light on her new beau, whose identity has so far been as enigmatic as a plot twist in a best-selling romance novel. But we have a slight idea who this man might be, so click the link below.

So in the Insta story, Kendall and her mystery man seem to be soaking up some serious sun—and perhaps a bit of love too—in what appears to be the Bahamas. A casual photo of their legs intertwined as they relax by the clear blue waves has fans excited and speculating.

A story of the two that Kendall shared.
A story of the two that Kendall shared.

The setting suggests that these lovebirds weren’t just struck by Cupid’s arrow yesterday; they’ve been dating for a while now.

But the intrigue doesn’t stop there. Kendall upped the ante with a video post that gives us a sneak peek at her boyfriend’s impressive stature and athletic prowess.

Towering at what looks to be 6’2″ or maybe 6’3″, this guy has all the markings of a hunk who would turn heads—so much so that one of Kendall’s fans playfully noted, ‘You are going to need A LOT of high heels.’


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In the video, the couple is seen playing golf—a scene both serene and charged with understated excitement. Kendall’s beau, with a swing both graceful and powerful, impresses not just the onlookers but Kendall herself, who marvels at his skills.

The video not only showcases his physical attributes but also his flair for the sport, leaving us wondering about the man behind the muscles.

The comment section, as expected, exploded with speculation. Initial bets on Shane Gillis being Kendall’s bf were quickly dismissed, and a fleeting suspicion about Swedish golfer Ludvig Aberg was dashed by the fact that he’s already taken.

This hasn’t stopped Kendall’s enthusiastic followers from playing detective in a bid to pin down Mr. Right.

Meanwhile, in a heartwarming exchange, when fitness influencer Paige Hathaway exclaimed, ‘How are you two THIS perfect?!’, Kendall’s response was both witty and relatable: ‘Far from it! Haha, I am still feeling out his new clubs.’

Guess On Who Could Be Her Mysterious BF

The intrigue of Kendall’s mystery man had the internet abuzz! Who could be the suave gentleman captivating Kendall’s attention on Instagram?

After some serious social media sleuthing and a bit of guesswork, a lot of people starred at Bills tight end Dalton Kincaid. Yes, you heard that right!

From the little peeks we got from cryptic Insta posts—we compared ears, height, and even nose profiles. And guess what? The resemblance to Dalton was uncanny. And wait, we’re not the only ones who have come to this pedestal; Kendall’s eagle-eyed fans were on the same page as well.


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However, in another post that Kendall shared on Instagram, it was revealed that Dalton isn’t the guy. And after doing a considerable investigative journalism, we’ve finally found him.

A black and white portrait of Alex
He is a successful entrepreneur having earned millions already.

She Initially Announced Her New Relationship In April 2024

It was in early April that Kendall teased her followers with a cozy picture of her lounging on her new lover’s lap, throwing social media into a frenzy. While everyone was convinced she was dating Shane Gillis or Dalton, the latest reveal has tossed that theory out the window.

This unfolding love story is a captivating departure from Kendall’s last public romance. After her split from Joseph Nicholas in late 2021, whom she once thought she’d marry, fans were rooting for her happiness.

With each post, Kendall peels back another layer of this romantic enigma. Whether it’s through heartwarming captions or glimpses of shared hobbies, she’s crafting a narrative that keeps her fans eagerly tuned in for the next episode.

One thing is certain: Kendall’s knack for keeping the mystery alive is as formidable as her fitness game. But now we have a clear picture of her lover and we are sure you will fall in love with him as well.

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