Ernie Hudson’s Son Rahaman Hudson Is a Jazz Singer

Ernie Hudsons' son Rahaman has chosen the music industry.

By RahulPublished on: April 1, 2024 Updated on: April 2, 2024
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Rahaman Hudson, born in September 1968, is one of two sons shared between actor Ernie Hudson and his first wife, Jeannie Moore. His early life was shaped alongside his older brother, Ernie Hudson Jr., in a family where creativity and resilience were part of the daily fabric.

Despite his parents’ marriage ending in 1976, Rahaman has carried forward the legacy of his father’s artistic spirit in his own way. His dad is renowned for his roles in iconic films such as Ghostbusters and The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, among others, setting a high bar of achievement and recognition in the entertainment industry.

Ernie with his son. Ernie Jr (Far Left) and Rahaman (Far right)
Ernie with his son. Ernie Jr (Far Left) and Rahaman (Far right)

This mix of strong family history and being raised by a single father has played a big role in shaping who Rahaman is today.

He is a Jazz Singer

Rahaman has found his calling in music. He distinguished himself from his father, Ernie, by pursuing a career as an independent jazz musician under the name Rahi High. He’s made waves as a musical artist whose goal is to, “bring classic rock and soul music era into the 21st century.” Whether he’s entertaining audiences on his own or with his band, Rahi & the New High, he has made himself known in the music community.

Rahi has performed at a number of events including the Tobago Jazz Fest in 2010 and frequent gigs at Three Crown Studio in Brooklyn, New York. So far, he has released two albums ‘The Songcrafter Album’ and ‘Snapshot.’

Although initially, Rahaman, 55, wanted to become an actor, as evident by his studies at Columbia Film School, his passion for music ultimately guided his career choice.

Still, his connection to the film industry remains. Back in 1992, he worked as a Production Assistant on the film The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, starring his dad, and contributed as a co-writer for the short film Still Harlem in 2018.

He Traces his Ethnicity back to Ghanaian-Nigerian

He Is a Father of Two Children

Rahaman Hudson is not just a talented musician but also a proud father to two wonderful children, a son named Thorn and a daughter, Najeeta. His wife or girlfriend with whom he shares his two kids has been kept behind closed doors.

His love and pride for his kids shine through, especially in the moments he shares about them. One memorable instance is when Rahaman took to Instagram to share his enthusiasm for Najeeta’s potential in acting.


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With a candid photo of her, he excitedly captioned it, “Najeeta!!! Gotta get this girl into an acting class ASAP!!!”

This glimpse into their family life showcases not just Rahaman’s role as a dad but also hints at a budding talent in Najeeta, possibly following in the entertainment footsteps of the Hudson family.

His Brother Ernie Hudson Jr. Is a Former Actor and Works for African Heritage Now

Ernie Jr., 60, has taken a unique path that diverges from his initial acting career, where he showcased his talent in various roles. He is mostly famous for his role in Oz (1999-200).

Today, he’s deeply involved in blending African Traditional & American corporate management leadership, focusing on talent management training within Ewe & Igbo cultures. His work spans several industries, including beverage, medical, and fitness, where he applies his expertise in leadership coaching and development.

A lifetime member of American Mensa, Ernie Jr. is also deeply committed to charitable activities and education, regularly lecturing in both the USA and West Africa. Beyond his professional achievements, he holds a 5th Degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate, emphasizing his dedication to personal excellence.

Family is central to Ernie Jr.’s life; he is a father to three and a grandfather to three.

Rahaman Hudson’s Father Ernie Raised Him as a Single Dad

Ernie’s life took a significant turn when his first marriage ended, and he became a single father to his two young sons, Ernie Jr. and Rahaman. Recalling those days, Hudson shared,

The thing that altered my life the most was when my first marriage ended and my two young sons came to live with me.

After their divorce, Ernie’s first wife Jeannie chose to stay back in Detroit to pursue her education. That’s why, Ernie took the boys with him to California and they began living with him.

Rahaman(right) playing with his dad (center) and brother Ernie Jr (left).
Rahaman(right) playing with his dad (center) and brother Ernie Jr (left).

Their move to California was a decision shaped by necessity and opportunity. Hudson wanted to pursue his thriving acting career while ensuring his sons were cared for.

His sons were just 10 and 7 years old at the time, but thanks to their mother who taught them essential household tasks, like cooking and cleaning, they were remarkably self-sufficient. Hudson joked,

 I sent them away one summer and the house fell apart.

This whole thing was new for Ernie. He didn’t grow up with a dad, so figuring out how to be a good father was something he and his sons did together. It was a big deal for him, and he learned a lot from the experience.

When it came to work, being a single dad made acting important for Ernie. He needed to make sure he could support his family. This led him to take on all sorts of roles in movies and TV shows.

He got pretty famous after playing Winston in Ghostbusters, which was cool because it meant he could keep working and take care of his sons. Acting wasn’t just something he loved anymore; it was something he had to do and boy he did a fantastic job at that.

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