Don Frye’s and His Wife Mollie Frye Have Moved On After Divorce

By RahulPublished on: March 15, 2024 Updated on: May 16, 2024
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Don Frye, the tough-as-nails figure from the world of combat sports, saw his private life enter the public eye with his divorce from his wife Mollie Frye in 2016.

The couple’s journey together began when they married in 1996. As time went on, their relationship faced challenges. To this day, Don’s battle with alcoholism is considered to be one of the reasons that contributed to the demise of his marriage. Struggling with such a personal demon can put immense strain on any relationship that surely influenced the dynamics between him and his wife.

But there’s more to the story than personal battles with substance abuse. Don’s public persona, characterized by his unabashedly macho demeanor and willingness to speak his mind, put his marital life in a tough spot many times. His outspoken nature was exemplified in a controversial piece of advice he once shared while still married.

When a fan asked what should he do to his girlfriend who was asking him to marry her, he cautioned him against marriage with a crude analogy. He compared relationships with women to owning a cow for milk – a sentiment that mirrors his harsh and blunt view.

Perhaps most telling is Don’s infamous quote on how women change over time. This statement sheds light on the possible internal views that could contribute to a strained marital life with his ex.

Don and Mollie’s Divorce Was Harder On the Fighter

Don’s personal life hit a significant low when his divorce from his wife in 2016 overlapped with a series of unfortunate events. Dealing with severe back pain from an injury he initially wasn’t even aware of, the retired fighter said he endured years of physical agony.

In these years of vulnerability, Don’s marriage started showing cracks. He revealed the stark contrast between how his wife appeared loving in public versus her harsh words in private. He said that she started undermining his toughness and questioning his manhood during his time.

Don while fighting in a match
Don is famous for his blunt take on everything.

“You just aren’t the man you used to be,” she told him.

The situation worsened with her doubts about his ability to provide for the family. This statement, according to Don, unveiled the bitter truth of their deteriorating bond.

Amidst this personal turmoil, Mollie’s ex-husband, Don faced a grave mental health problem. He shared, “I was in the toilet mentally.” And as if things cannot be worse for him, he also lost his beloved horse, whom he owned for 24 years.

The aftermath of his divorce saw Don engaging in life-threatening behavior, seeking confrontations with law enforcement in hopes of a fatal outcome. He reflected on these dark moments, admitting, “The divorce f**k*d me up so much.” He also acknowledged the officers who recognized him and spared his life during his lowest points.

Thankfully, at that time, the UFC inducted him into the Hall of Fame. In his own words, he said,

I tell you, the timing couldn’t be better. I need this more than anything. Nothing good is going on in my life. My horse died back on Labor Day. My wife betrayed me and is taking the kids with her, so I got nothing. This is a breath of fresh air.

Mollie Got the Custody of Their Daughters

After Mollie, aged 59, decided to separate from Don, she also took their two daughters with her. Currently, both daughters have graduated from high school, and are now living peaceful lives. Don maintains a close relationship with his kids. However, he prefers to keep these aspects of his life private.

Mollie Frye smiling for the camera
Mollie Frye looks beautiful today despite aging.

The divorce also had significant financial implications for the UFC HOF. The 58 year-old disclosed that Mollie received a substantial portion of his earnings during the settlement. He even claimed that he became homeless.

Though initially shocking, he later admitted his homelessness claim was a joke through a Facebook post. He humorously suggested he made these claims to lead Mollie to believe he had nothing left worth taking.

What is Mollie Frye Doing Today?

Living in San Tan Valley, AZ, she now goes by Mollie Bunch, her maiden surname. Moreover, since November 2014, she has been working as a Senior Office Specialist at the Town of Oro Valley office. Before her current role, Mollie held significant positions in the business world.

Mollie (middle) with Don and her daughters.
Mollie (middle) with Don and her daughters.

She worked as the Owner and President at K&C Investors, LLC and Predator Enterprises Inc. The latter business venture involved managing her ex-husband, Don, a collaboration that spanned nearly two decades.

Apart from her work in the business sector, she once worked as a fitness instructor at the El Conquistador Country Club.

Besides, Mollie has not remarried, just like her ex, Don, who is also unmarried and single. Both of them are living their lives happily, especially Don, who often shares photos with hot girls all around him.

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