What DJ Adoni Said About His Wife and Marital Status

By RahulPublished on: April 3, 2024 Updated on: April 3, 2024
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DJ Adoni has made quite the name for himself with his killer beats and electric presence in the music world. But it’s not just his music that’s got everyone talking. Fans are super curious about his personal life.

As of recently, he was in a committed relationship that seemed pretty serious, even leading to fatherhood. But then, out of nowhere, came the news of a breakup.

And just when everyone thinks he is now single, rumors of a new romance started buzzing around, thanks to a viral video. It’s like following a real-life drama, except with a killer soundtrack.

The big question on everyone’s lips: Who is DJ Adoni’s wife? Is he actually married? Let’s discuss what we know about his personal life so far.

He Had a Long-Term Girlfriend

Adoni, a name synonymous with energetic beats and captivating mixes, has always kept his fans dancing. Beyond the turntables, his relationship was of interest to many, with many fans dying to know his partner’s name. Her name is Lisabely Lugo and they started dating back in 2014.

Lisa is not just known for her association with the DJ but is a formidable entrepreneur and licensed esthetician in her own right. With a following of over 200k on Instagram, she has made a name for herself in the beauty and fashion industry. She is the founder of Lisa Cosmetics, a brand she launched in October 2023. Additionally, she’s the CEO/Founder of March9 Jewelry.

Adonis and his baby mother, with their son.
Adoni and his baby’s mother, with their son. Source: Instagram

Over the years, they became a familiar duo to their fans, sharing lots of their romantic moments online.

Throughout the years, they shared more than just moments; on December 7th, 2018, they welcomed a son into their lives. When Lugo gave birth to their baby, she announced the great news through her Instagram handle. She wrote in the caption,

Becoming parents to this beautiful baby has been the greatest gift in our lives from God😩❤️👶🏻

However, in April 2024, things changed. Adoni, whose real name is Julio Adoni Gross, revealed during an Instagram live session with his fans that he and Lisabely had decided to call it quits. Despite their separation as a couple, emphasized their continued partnership as parents and said,

Yes, as a couple we are separated, but as parents we will always be there for our beloved son.

This announcement came after there had been a lot of guessing and whispering online about whether they were still dating or not, especially since they hadn’t been posting about each other or seen together at events like before and they had also unfollowed each other on Instagram. The last time we saw them together in public was at Premios Soberano 2023.

In the same session, Adoni also put to rest the queries regarding his marital status. Despite the long-term nature of their relationship, he clarified, he has never been married.

This statement not only confirmed the end of their romantic relationship but also highlighted the fact that Adoni and Lugo’s union, although long-lasting, had never been formalized through marriage.

He Has Seemingly Moved On with a New GF Already

Not long after he announced his separation from Lisabely Lugo, a new story started to unfold. This time, it involves Caroline Aquino, a well-known television presenter. It all started when a video went viral on social media showing the two of them together on a yacht, looking all touchy.


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They greeted each other with a kiss, held hands, and seemed really into each other, especially considering another person was there with them. This video popped up online just hours after Adoni confirmed his breakup with Lugo.

For a while now, there have been whispers and rumors suggesting that Adoni and Aquino might be more than just friends. Despite these rumors, both of them have consistently denied having any romantic relationship.

A side by side photo of DJ and Caroline
DJ and Caroline have been rumored to be dating for a couple of months now.

But with the release of this video, it seems like whatever they have might not be so secret anymore. Their interaction in the video seems to hint that there’s definitely something going on between them.

DJ Adoni Journey; Started From the Bottom

Born on November 17th, 1994, and originally from Los Minas in Santo Domingo, he found his passion for DJing at family parties and quickly became the music go-to in his neighborhood. His journey took a pivotal turn at 16 when he moved to the United States.  He initially worked in a factory but kept his love for music alive by playing at house parties.

His big break came during the COVID-19 pandemic when the demand for digital entertainment led to a surge in his popularity on YouTube. This newfound fame was a surprise to him. He only realized the extent of his influence after hearing one of his mixes at an airport.

Now based in Lawrence, Massachusetts, Adoni has emerged as one of the most listened-to Dominican DJs on YouTube respected and admired by industry heavyweights, including Reggaeton star Farruko.

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