Is David Haydn-Jones Married After Divorcing First Wife?

By RahulPublished on: March 12, 2024 Updated on: April 19, 2024
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David Haydn-Jones, widely recognized for his compelling roles on television, has a personal life that is really intriguing. While a lot of sources have not been able to reveal his wife’s name, we have found a significant piece of info, her name is Jennifer Haydn-Jones, 42. The couple also share a daughter.

For those of you who may not know, Jennifer is a talented singer based in Los Angeles. You have surely heard her voice in Frozen 2, Mulan, and many other projects.

Are they still married? Let’s discuss further!

David and His Wife Divorced in 2020

Firstly, yes, David was married but that is a thing of the past now. The actor and his wife Jennifer had something of a mystery marriage. They never mentioned when they tied the knot because they were super private. Plus, they deleted/deactivated their Insta accounts, so digging up any info on their marriage became a total dead-end.

Initially, the revelation about Jones’s spouse came unexpectedly from his co-star, Danica McKellar. She inadvertently spilled the beans by posting a photo on social media. In the picture, she was with her husband, Scott Sveslosky, alongside David and Jennifer.

The image captured the couples enjoying what appeared to be a double date. This casual social media share by Danica provided the first public glimpse into David’s private life, revealing his partner, Jennifer, to the fans and the world.

Jennifer (first from right) with her ex-husband David.
From (R-L, Jennifer, David, Danica, and Scott).

Unfortunately, things took a turn for the love birds in 2019. Jennifer decided to call it quits and filed for divorce on June 5th of that year, right in Los Angeles County. She listed the reason, ‘Dissolution w/Minor Child’ situations, which means they had to figure out stuff for their kid too, not just split their property.

After Jennifer filed the papers, things didn’t wrap up overnight. In fact, it was a pretty long process. Their divorce was finalized on August 21st, 2020. It’s kind of a bummer how things went down, but surely the pair is happy now.

Jennifer Is a Talented Singer and Actress

Jennifer Haydn is a distinguished professional singer based in Los Angeles. Her vocal talent has graced numerous successful films over the past decade, making her voice a recognizable feature in blockbusters like Frozen 2, The Grinch, and La La Land, to name a few.

She also performed on The Vampire Diaries, Shameless, and NBC’s The Voice. Her recent projects also boast collaborations with esteemed artists such as Sir Paul McCartney and Michael Bublé.

A photo of Jennifer wearing a crop top.
Jennifer is a singer who has worked in various Hollywood films and TV series.

Jennifer has performed live in iconic venues such as the Hollywood Bowl, Microsoft Theater, and Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Talking about her education, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Vocal Performance and Music History from Loyola Marymount University, obtained in 2004.

Her exceptional musicianship, sight-reading skills, and versatility in various musical styles render her an invaluable asset to many composers and musical ensembles. You can also find her on Spotify.

The Former Flames Share One Daughter

David, known for keeping his personal life close to his chest, rarely speaks about his daughter. The public only got a small peek into his life as a dad during the Creation J2 Dallas event in 2023. There, he shared a humorous story about a deal he made with his daughter to encourage her to eat healthy foods.

He told her to at least try foods she thought were “ugly” and only refuse them if she genuinely didn’t like the taste, teaching her about how taste buds work. In a funny twist, his daughter later used the same tactic on him.

Watch the full interaction today!

Although David’s Instagram is no longer active, he once mentioned there how much he enjoys being a “girl dad,” showing his love for his role as a father in real life just as much as on screen.

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