Darlene Gayman Jennings Helped Pastor Gino Jennings Become Who He Is

Pastor Gino is happily married for over three decades with his wife Darlene.

By RahulPublished on: April 23, 2024 Updated on: April 23, 2024
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Darlene Gayman Jennings, often recognized as the wife of the outspoken Pastor Gino Jennings, holds her own as a figure of quiet resilience and unwavering support.

Pastor Gino, who has led his congregation for several decades, has seldom spoken publicly about his missus. The few glimpses we get of her come through the official website of The First Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ. But partly, it is this hesitation to divulge that has contributed to their lasting relationship.

Let’s find out more about our beloved sister Darlene.

Darlene’s Profile Summary

  • Age: 61-Years-Old as of 2024
  • Ethnicity: African-American
  • Education: John Bartram High School
  • Birthplace: Philadelphia

Sister Darlene and Pastor Gino Met In the Basement of His Church

It all began in the year 1985 when Darlene entered the First Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ, then known as the First Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of Apostles’ Faith, a year after its inception in 1984 at Gino’s parents basement.

It was here, in the modest basement that Sister Darlene and Pastor Gino first crossed paths.

Darlene Gayman Jenning and Gino when they were young
An old photo of Gino and Darlene.

The connection was instant, a bond that seemed preordained. Gino, only a few years into his pastoral journey, didn’t waste any time. He soon shared his intentions with his father, Bishop Jennings, declaring that he wants to marry Darlene.

They married on April 15th, 1989, in a ceremony that became monumental for their church. It was officiated by Pastor Gino’s father, Ernest Jennings, and became the first holy matrimony the congregation had witnessed.

The day he got married, Gino was back to work, preaching the same night.

Today, they have been married for over three decades and their relationship stands as a beacon of stability and commitment for their followers.

She Is a Mother of Seven Children

The Jennings family is quite a crew—Gino and Darlene are the proud parents of seven kids: four sons and three daughters. Their sons are Gino Ernest Junior, 30, Jordan, 29, Cameron, 27, and Malcolm, 24. Their daughters are Brittni, 34, Ceara, 26, and Persia Jennings, 26.

Darlene Gayman Jennings with her children and spouse
The Jennings family. Source: Facebook

Raised in a devout household, the Jennings children grew up surrounded by faith and the teachings of their father. Apostle Gino Sr., has always been adamant that his children should not expect any special treatment just because their dad is a well-known pastor. He’s instilled in them that being a celebrity pastor’s kids does not guarantee a comfortable life.

Despite their low public profile, the siblings once made a rare appearance together on New Year’s Eve 2019. They gathered to celebrate their father’s 35 years of pastoral service.

During the event, some of the Jennings children took the stage to share heartfelt messages of appreciation towards their dad. In the same event, one of Gino’s sons announced that the siblings had planned a vacation for their parents. He also asked for privacy during their time away to ensure they had a peaceful break.

Her Son Ernest Is Reportedly Gay

There have been multiple sources citing rumors that Ernest, one of Darlene and Gino’s sons, is gay. These rumors gained traction after a video circulated on a YouTube channel showing Gino Jr., dancing in a manner that some viewers described as ‘flamboyant.’

This video was originally shared live by one of Gino’s friends. It sparked significant conversation given Pastor Gino Jennings’ public stance on homosexuality. He has openly called homosexuality a sin and an abomination according to his interpretations of biblical texts.

Gino Jennings and his sons
Gino’s son Gino Jr(first from right) is reportedly a gay man. Source: Facebook

Ernest’s rumored sexuality also become particularly controversial given his role in leading his father’s church choir. This position, combined with his alleged sexual orientation, has not sat well with pastors of other churches around the world.

She Was Brought Up In a Religious Family

Born in November 1962, Darlene Gayman Jennings grew up in a family that was deeply embedded in religious values. Raised by devoted parents, her early life was influenced by a strong commitment to faith.

Darlene Gayman Jenning wearing a mask
Enjoying one of her husband’s sermons.

This foundation played a crucial role throughout her formative years, shaping her values and perspectives. Thanks to her upbringing, she became a member of Gino’s church in her early 20s. And the rest say, as we all know, is history.

Besides, her maiden name is Gaymon. While a lot of sources have cited Gayman as her surname, that is not the case.

Her Net Worth

Darlene doesn’t work for a salary. She volunteers at her husband’s church, so how much she has isn’t really relevant. However, she shares in her husband’s wealth, which exceeds $1 million.

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