Darius Morris Dead at 33, But How: He Once Said He Fears For His Life

By RahulPublished on: May 6, 2024 Updated on: May 6, 2024
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The basketball community was stunned by the news of former Los Angeles Lakers guard Darius Morris’ passing, confirmed by TMZ Sports. At just 33 years old, Morris’ untimely death has left fans reeling.

In a statement released by his family, they expressed their profound sadness at the loss of their beloved son and requested privacy during this difficult time.

With great sadness we announce the passing of our dearly beloved son, Darius Aaron Morris. During this time of transition, his family asks that you please respect their wishes for privacy and grace.

He wasn’t married nor was he dating someone at the time of his death.

While the cause of his death remains undisclosed, this article will delve into the circumstances surrounding Morris’ passing, his net worth, and touch upon how one of his ex-partners accused him of domestic violence, but later backtracked from her own statement.

Darius Said A Couple of Years Back that He Fears for His Life

Amidst the tragic news of Darius’ demise, details from his past have resurfaced, shedding new light on his tumultuous journey. Just a couple of years ago, Morris found himself entangled in a domestic assault case involving Kristen Summer, his ex-girlfriend. Now, in the wake of his untimely death, these past events take on a haunting significance.

Darius Morris standing in a side of a tree
Darius was famous for his time for the Lakers.

During that time, Morris brought counterclaims against Kristen, who had accused him of violently beating him, and filed a case against him in April 2020.

But a year later, Morris fired back at her by alleging that she had made him fear for his life by sending death threats to him and his family.

According to the Supreme Court docs, Kristen caused Darius, “severe emotional distress including death threats to him and his family.”

His Accuser Had Backtracked From Her Claims

In April 2020 Darius found himself in the midst of a legal storm when a woman accused him of brutally attacking her. The incident reportedly took place during an altercation at a Manhattan-area home.

According to reports from the NYPD, the woman claimed that Morris, then 29 years old, assaulted her after she returned home and found him still present despite asking him to leave earlier. She alleged that Morris ‘grabbed her by her hair and dragged her, punching and kicking her in the head repeatedly.’

As a result of the alleged attack, she sustained injuries including bruising and swelling on her eyes, forehead, and ear, as well as a chipped tooth and bruises on her arms and back.

Following the accusations, Morris was arrested and booked on charges of strangulation and assault. However, just a few days later, on April 30, he was arrested again for allegedly violating an order of protection.

But in a dramatic turn of events, the woman who had accused Morris of assault came forward to retract her claims. After contacting authorities, she asserted that she had fabricated the entire story and expressed her desire to drop the case against Morris. She stated, ‘It’s private, none of it’s true,’ leaving many puzzled by the sudden change of heart.

He Died as a Millionaire

At the time of his death, he was worth $2 million. Throughout his career as a basketball player, he earned at least $3,184,824, according to Basketball-Reference.

His Salary Breakdown while he was in the NBA.

2014/15 Brooklyn Nets $803,149 ($1,028,131*)
2013/14 Philadelphia 76ers $788,872 ($1,030,782*)
2013/14 Memphis Grizzlies $52,017 ($67,968*)
2013/14 Los Angeles Clippers $104,034 ($135,936*)
2012/13 Los Angeles Lakers $937,195 ($1,246,074*)
2011/12 Los Angeles Lakers $473,604 ($640,171*)

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