Damson Idris Moved on From Lori Harvey? Who’s He Dating?

By RahulPublished on: June 30, 2024 Updated on: July 1, 2024
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Snowfall star Damson Idris has more than just his acting skills keeping fans intrigued. His love life, often a hot topic, is just as captivating. In 2022, his romance with Lori Harvey turned a lot of heads, especially considering she moved on with him, after Michael B. Jordan. The duo quickly became a favorite among fans, often spotted together at high-profile events.

But don’t let that fool you into thinking Damson’s love life is all wrapped up. With his star on the rise, there are always new developments in his romantic endeavors that keep everyone guessing.

So what’s the scoop now?

Damson’s New Found Brazillian Love?

Damson and Brazilian pop sensation Anitta were spotted sharing more than just a meal at the swanky Costes restaurant in Paris. Oh yes, they didn’t just feast on the culinary delights but also ended the evening by hopping into the same vehicle, bound for the same hotel. Cue the dramatic gasps! This rendezvous on June 25th, 2024, has set tongues wagging and the rumor mill spinning out of control.

Let’s get into the juicy details and see how the fans are reacting:

First up, Damson made quite the entrance, looking dapper in a black suit as he slid into the car, phone in hand. Clearly, the man knows his angles and how to make an exit (or an entry) with finesse.

Damson Idris and a man arriving at a hotel
Damson tried to avoid photos. Source: DeuxMoi

And then, enter the queen of the night, Idris’ rumored girlfriend Anitta, stealing the spotlight in a stunning white ensemble that screams both elegance and edge. Her confident walk and glowing smile have certainly cranked up the intrigue surrounding the evening.

The internet has absolutely erupted over these sightings, with fans tossing in their two cents left and right. Some are scratching their heads in confusion, like one fan who mused, “I can’t keep up, I thought he was still with Lori lol.” Meanwhile, others are stirring the pot, suggesting Idris is on a rebound mission: “He saw that little stunt Lori pulled with Luka Sabbat, so now he’s getting his lick back.”

Damson Idris and Anitta at Paris
Anitta looked sexy during her outing with Damson in Paris. Source: DeuxMoi

Not everyone’s on board with this ship, though. A few skeptics are throwing shade, “I don’t get the fuss over this man and Lori is better looking than this chick,” and others are scratching their heads, “I thought Anitta was with Peso Pluma?” A staunch defender insisted that she is indeed still dating Peso Pluma and that the media stop making up these lies.

Here’s a twist you might not have seen coming—Damson Idris, fresh from his Paris outing with Anitta, is starring in Lewis Hamilton’s upcoming F1 movie. Now, here’s where it gets interesting: Lewis Hamilton himself was once rumored to have had a connection with Anitta. And to add another layer to this celebrity mix, Hamilton has also been linked to Lori Harvey, Damson’s recent past flame. Talk about a small world!

But like any good drama, the plot refuses to die down. Whether this is a budding romance or a simple case of two friends catching up over dinner, one thing’s for certain: all eyes will be glued to their next move. Stay tuned as we eagerly await the next chapter in this unfolding saga.

Anitta Has been Vocal About Her Casual Dating Style

Let’s not jump the gun here, folks! The Brazilian bombshell known for her chart-topping hits and electric performances, has never been one to settle down or slow her roll. Known for her casual approach to dating, she has been quite vocal about her love for the flirtatious life, often preferring occasional lovers to long-term commitments.

This carefree, “have fun” attitude has been a recurring theme in many of her interviews, resonating well with her free-spirited persona.

From what the Latin community and her global fanbase understand, Anitta isn’t one to tie herself down. “I like to have fun,” she’s declared on numerous occasions, hinting at a life filled with exciting and fleeting romances rather than any serious attachment.

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