We May Have a Clue On Dalton Kincaid’s Girlfriend

The Very Handsome Bills' TE, Dalton is perhaps hiding a secret partner.

By RahulPublished on: April 21, 2024 Updated on: April 23, 2024
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Amid the high-energy plays on the field, Buffalo Bills tight end Dalton Kincaid might be making some moves on his dating side of things. Known for his privacy, he has always kept his personal life away from the spotlight.

Dalton isn’t just a star on the field; he’s also a heartthrob to many. His Instagram account is a hotbed of adoration, with numerous female fans expressing their infatuation.

From comments declaring desires to be his wife to playful wishes of becoming his pet dog’s mama, Kincaid’s followers are not shy about their affection. This open outpouring of love has only fueled further curiosity about his life behind the doors.

Is there a special someone capturing Kincaid’s heart? Let’s uncover everything today!

Is Dalton’s Girlfriend, a Peloton Instructor?

In April 2024, there was a buzz that Dalton may have a lover. But who? According to fan speculations, his secretive lover was the Peloton sensation, Kendall Toole. Yes, the same Kendall who rumoredly dated Dalton’s teammate, Dawson Knox.

Kendall Toole and Dalton Kincaid
Kendall is a famous Peloton instructor. Source: Instagram

The internet first began to ablaze with the rumor after Toole posted pictures on Instagram that featured a mystery man who fans were convinced could be Kincaid. Fans thought, Dalton has never spilled the beans about his dating life, but could this be the big reveal?

After a deep dive into the depths of Instagram, where every detail counts, we all noticed something interesting. The man in Kendall’s photos? His ears, his height, even the profile of his nose—there was an eerie resemblance to the Bills star. Coincidence? Maybe not.

And wait, we were not the only ones who were thinking they might be a couple. The plot thickened as eagle-eyed followers of Kendall and Bills were all buzzing about the same theory. They matched pictures, swapped notes, and were pretty convinced—we might be looking at the Bills TE.

Kendall Toole with her partner
A Reddit post talking about the potential love interest between the two. Source: Reddit

And the fact that both of them are based in New York, added more fuel to the fire. But before we could declare this a touchdown in the love game, Kendall herself did the big reveal. In a new photo she shared of her new beau, it was confirmed that her boyfriend is someone else, after all, and someone else entirely.

So for now, we can safely assume, Dalton is single, as of 2024.

Dalton’s Life Besides NFL; No Time for Love, It Seems

From the high school fields of Summerlin, Nevada, to the intense spotlight of the NFL, Kincaid has kept his eyes on the prize—football. A secretive figure when it comes to his personal life, Kincaid has given fans little to speculate on about his romantic history.

Could it be that he’s never really dated, opting instead to focus solely on his growing sports career?

During his time at Faith Lutheran High School, Dalton wasn’t just another student; he was a basketball prodigy who only played football in his senior year after some coaxing from friends.


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That year alone, he made a significant mark, securing all-state honors with impressive stats: 745 yards and eight touchdowns. It’s clear that sports were his first love.

Post-high school, Kincaid chose to walk on to play college football at the University of San Diego, an unconventional path that highlights his dedication and self-belief.

His journey didn’t stop there; he later transferred to Utah, where he played until 2022 before being drafted by the Buffalo Bills in 2023. With such a packed schedule and relentless dedication to the sport, it’s plausible that Kincaid had little time for love.

Outside of his athletic commitments, Dalton finds solace in nature, often spending his free time exploring the outdoors either alone or with family. This connection with nature seems to fulfill him deeply suggesting contentment with how his relationship status has shaped up so far.

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