Corinna Kopf’s New Billionaire Boyfriend Laurence Escalante: Sources Confirm They Are Dating

By Navin SoniPublished on: June 6, 2024 Updated on: June 6, 2024
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Corinna Kopf, the American social media star and OnlyFans model, has been turning heads with her latest romantic link to Australian billionaire Laurence Escalante, the gaming mogul behind Virtual Gaming Worlds (VGW). Escalante, known for his expansive online gaming empire and the wildly popular Chumba Casino app, has recently been spotted with Kopf in a series of glamorous settings, sparking rumors of a budding relationship.

The couple was first seen together on the French Riviera, attending high-profile events at the Cannes Film Festival and enjoying the luxurious surroundings of Monaco. Eyewitnesses reported seeing the pair soaking up the Mediterranean sun, mingling with celebrities and business magnates alike, including fellow Australian billionaire James Packer.

Sources close to the couple suggest that their meeting was anything but coincidental. Kopf was reportedly flown from the U.S. to Perth by Escalante, who wanted to impress her with his illustrious car collection. A reel posted on Escalante’s Instagram, which captured Kopf admiring the high-end vehicles, has only fueled speculation about the nature of their relationship.

Confirming their relationship, an online source stated, “He’s my Dad’s boss 😭 I can confirm that they are dating…”


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Escalante, 42, has been a prominent figure in the tech and gaming industry, amassing a fortune estimated at $3.9 billion. His innovative approach to online gaming, particularly through platforms that simulate the excitement of gambling without financial risk, has positioned VGW as a leader in the social gaming space.

Kopf, 28, first gained fame through her associations with high-profile YouTubers and her subsequent social media career, which includes a successful stint on OnlyFans. Her relationship with Escalante marks a new chapter following her past high-profile relationship with YouTuber-turned-WWE superstar Logan Paul.

The billionaire’s romantic history includes a recent split from his wife, Sarita Escalante, with whom he shares four children, followed by relationships with notable figures in Perth’s social scene. His relationship with Kopf, however, marks his most high-profile coupling since his divorce.

Laurence Escalante With His Ex-Wife & Kids
Laurence Escalante With His Ex-Wife & Kids

While neither Kopf nor Escalante has publicly confirmed their relationship, their public appearances and social media interactions suggest a close connection. As they continue to make appearances on the global social scene, all eyes will be on this new power couple to see where their relationship heads next.

For now, fans and followers of both personalities are eagerly watching for any developments.