Is Chloe Kitts White? Details on Her Ethnicity

Chloe has certainly learned a lot from her heritage.

By RahulPublished on: April 11, 2024 Updated on: April 11, 2024
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Chloe Kitts, a name that’s becoming well-known in the world of women’s basketball, has roots that trace back to the United Kingdom. On her dad’s side, the Kitts family has English heritage, while her mom’s maiden name, Munsell, points to Scottish lineage. So, ethnicity-wise, Chloe is White.

Growing up, Chloe’s family was part of the Church of God, a global Christian denomination known for its Holiness-Pentecostal beliefs.

Her dad, Jason Kitts, isn’t just any dad; he’s the driving force behind Community Home Balance, a nonprofit aimed at wellness and community engagement in Oviedo, Florida.

He kicked off this initiative back in 2016, partly to secure some gym time for Chloe to hone her basketball skills. It’s tough finding a good court, so they started running programs for local youth to drill in those essential basketball basics like dribbling and shooting. Chloe herself pitched in, teaching younger kids the ropes for two years.

Chloe standing in middle with her mom and dad in the sides
Chloe with her mother and father after NCAA win. Source: Facebook

Basketball runs in Chloe’s blood. Her grandfather, Ron, was a state champion back in 1971 and even coached her in her early years. When she showed an eagerness to play basketball before even hitting kindergarten, her dad took over as her coach. By four years old, she was already in love with the game.

Chloe’s mom, Krystle, stands as the family’s pillar, balancing her role as a sales director at Abbott with raising Chloe and her two sisters, Ellie and Kylee.

Her Career

The Kitts family originally lived in Puyallup, Washington but moved to Oviedo, Florida, when Chloe was in third grade. Her high school basketball journey started at The Master’s Academy in Oviedo, where she played a key role in leading her team to the Class 3A state title game as a freshman.

She then transferred to DME Academy in Daytona Beach for her sophomore year, where she made significant strides, eventually leading her team to its first appearance at the GEICO Nationals during her junior year.

Despite planning to transfer to Faith Christian Academy in Orlando for her senior year, Chloe decided to skip it altogether, opting to start college early.

Chloe Kitts sister and mother
Chloe with her sister and mom. Source: Facebook

Ranked as a five-star recruit by ESPN and choosing South Carolina over several other top offers, Chloe made an immediate impact on her team.

In her college debut, she scored 10 points with seven rebounds, although her freshman year saw limited playing time. But by her sophomore year, Chloe was starting and posting impressive stats, including a memorable double-double in the title game against Iowa.

On the national stage, Chloe’s talent shone bright. She won gold with Team USA at the FIBA Under-18 Women’s Americas Championship in Argentina and again at the Under-19 Women’s Basketball World Cup in Spain.

And recently, the athletic 19 year old, won the NCAA title with her team, which also included Tessa Johnson, who helped Gamecocks win the tournament with no loss at all.

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