Who Is Cameron Monaghan Girlfriend In 2024 Or Is He Married?

By RahulPublished on: April 24, 2024 Updated on: April 24, 2024
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Cameron Monaghan, the heartthrob from Gotham and Shameless, has the rumor mills spinning all the time. His dating adventures have often been as dramatic and interesting as his on-screen escapades. And lately, all eyes are on his love life, stirring up the big question: Who is Cameron’s girlfriend in 2024?

If you’re as curious as we are about who’s caught his eye, stay tuned. We’re about to get into all the juicy details!

He Is Reportedly Dating His Co-Star

According to some sleuthing and a good deal of fan speculation, there’s a buzz that Cameron might be in a relationship with Tina Ivlev. His ‘girlfriend’ is an actress, who worked with Cam for the Jedi video game.

This rumor gained traction through their joint appearances at several promotional events for the Jedi video game franchise throughout 2023.

But what really got the rumor mill spinning was a particular Instagram post from Tina on November 22, 2023. She shared snaps from a getaway to Mexico, and lo and behold, Cameron was there too. Not just in the background, but right beside her, giving off more-than-friends vibes.

Cameron Monaghan and Tina Ivlev in Mexico
From their trip to the Mexico in 2023. Source: Instagram

In the photo, Cameron’s arms are wrapped around Tina, and she’s leaning into him, which screams intimacy. They’re both smiling and chill like they’re sharing a private, happy moment. It’s the kind of vibe you get from a couple who’s comfortable and into each other, not just pals hanging out.


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In addition to their off-screen chemistry, their characters in the Jedi video game series, Cameron as Cal and Tina as Merrin also develop a romantic relationship in-game. And when asked in an Instagram Q&A, ‘Do you like the idea of Cal and Merrin together? If so, why?’ Merrin answered,

I do! I think they get each other on a deep level, having both experienced two very similar tragedies. But I also think Merrin just loves the innate goodness in Cal and I think he inspires her to do right in the world. It’s one of the reasons why she stops him from going dark in the scene with Denvik. I think they have a pretty healthy relationship which is also nice to see – they both support each other and have mutual respect. So yeah! All for it 😏

So, while the couple have kept mum about the status of their relationship, the parallels between their on-screen romance and their cozy real-life encounters are hard to miss. Whether it’s a deep friendship or something more, it’s clear there’s a special connection there.

And btw, for those of you who were wondering if he was married, well no, up until now, he has never been married.

His Role in Shameless Had Fans Asking Questions About His Real Life Sexuality

Monaghan’s portrayal of Ian Gallagher on Shameless had fans doing a double-take on his real-life sexuality. In the show, Ian is openly gay and navigates the complexities of life and love in a chaotic family. What made Ian stand out in the landscape of TV was how he defied the common stereotypes associated with being gay.

Off-screen, this led to some curiosity about Cameron’s own sexuality. Clearing the air, Cameron himself confirmed that he was straight. In a 2011 Vanity Fair interview, he had a lot to say about playing Ian.

He’s the anti-stereotype. He never does anything that’s stereotypically perceived as ‘gay.’ He’s tough, he’s street smart, and he’s pretty much unlike any gay teenager on television right now.

He added,

I’m not gay myself, but it’s a role I’m very happy to play. I’m always happy to support the gay community. Ian’s a really fantastic part. A non-stereotypical part. And I think a lot of teens — and a lot of gay teens, especially — will really relate to the role.

So it’s clear that Cameron is not gay in real life.

Cameron Monaghan Has Dated Some Of The Hottest Beauties In the Past

Lauren Searle

Before all the talk about Cameron and Tina, the 30 year-old actor had the internet talking about his relationship with model Lauren Searle, 27.

The public got their first glimpse of this relationship when Lauren made it official on her Instagram back in September 2021. However, Cameron shared their first public photo together in 2023, capturing a romantic moment inside a tent.

He captioned this particular post ‘Mentally still here,’ suggesting a significant attachment and a memorable moment between the two.

Cameron Monaghan kissing ex-lover Lauren Searle
Cameron and Lauren were passionately in love. Source: Instagram

This wasn’t the first time Lauren appeared on Cameron’s socials; she popped up in his stories too. Though they weren’t the type to constantly post about each other, when they did, it showed a snapshot of happiness.

Interestingly, while Cameron’s Instagram feed didn’t showcase many moments with Lauren, she wasn’t as reserved. She shared a picture back in October 2021 where they were dressed as characters from The Matrix.

Searle is more than just Cameron’s ex-girlfriend. She’s a model affiliated with Vision Los Angeles and Heros Model.

Although the pair didn’t announce their break-up, just like how they never officially said we were dating, we do know they broke up somewhere in late 2022.

Peyton List

Before Lauren, Cameron’s most publicized relationship was with actress Peyton List. They met on the set of ‘Anthem of a Teenage Prophet,’ where their on-screen love story turned off-screen. The former flames went public in September 2017, sharing a photo of them from a trip to Disneyland.

Peyton List standing for a photo
Peyton and Cameron were an item from 2017 till 2019. Source: Instagram

They dated for about two years before calling it quits in January 2019. Their breakup was a quiet one, with no drama spilling into the public eye, and they managed to remain friendly.

The exes even showed up together at the premiere of their movie, not long after the split was reported by E! Online.

Other Affairs

Cameron has had his share of relationships in the spotlight. There was a brief connection with British model Sadie Newman. They even used to appear in events together, like during the Southpaw premiere in NY.

Additionally, he reportedly had a year-long relationship with his ‘Shameless’ co-star Ruby Modine.

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