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By RahulPublished on: March 18, 2024 Updated on: March 23, 2024
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After the release of the much-anticipated Investigation Discovery¬†docuseries, Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV on March 17th, 2024, Nickelodeon’s All That’s, Bryan Hearne talked about tough times he had on the show.

The series talks about the hard conditions young actors like him had to deal with, like long hours and a bad working environment.

Bryan told PEOPLE magazine that he often had to play roles that felt wrong and hurtful, like a teen drug dealer or a rapper called Lil Fetus. He also shared a hurtful memory when someone called him a ‘piece of charcoal’ on set. Bryan said those kinds of comments stick with you and hurt you for a long time.

Bryan during his time in All That.
Bryan during his time in All That.

While on All That, Bryan felt like he couldn’t speak up, especially during a part of another show, On-Air Dare, where he had to do embarrassing things like being covered in peanut butter for dogs to lick.

He felt like he and the other young actors were treated poorly and couldn’t say no. Like him, his co-star Kyle Sullivan also spoke out about his time in the show, revealing a much darker side of Brian Peck. Additionally, Bryan noticed that Black actors like him were treated differently from other actors.

Let’s explore some interesting facts about the former child actor turned activist and rapper.

He Is Happily Married with Children

Bryan married Daishaundra Loving-Hearne, 35, on August 20, 2018, almost a year after Bryan popped the question in November, 2017. The beautiful nuptials took place somewhere in Washington in the presence of their friends and families.

Bryan and his partner with their kids
He is a father of three, two girls and one boy. Source: Facebook

Together, the power couple is raising three kids: two biological daughters, Nova, 5, Ali Nykole 1, and Ezra, 10, Bryan’s son with his ex-girlfriend, Frankie.

Bryan’s life took a new turn after meeting his wife, who inspired him to pursue singing. They share a deep bond, not just as partners but also as activists for Black rights, attending many events to support the cause.

He Founded a Not For Profit Organization with his Wife

In 2019, Bryan and Daishaundra started the Urban Poets Society, based in Pasco, Washington that aims to help young people express themselves through art.

As leaders of this group, they run workshops, speak at schools, and organize events that allow teens to explore poetry and art, promoting mental health and creativity. They work hard to make sure each event is successful and beneficial to the community.

The duo wearing an all black dress
The couple looking dapper.

Daishaundra is a professional dancer, teacher, choreographer, writer, author, and poet. Originally from Pasco, she currently resides in LA with her husband Bryan.

He Doesn’t Shy Away from Defending His People

Belonging to the Haitian ethnicity, Bryan actively defends his background. He is particularly vocal about the rights and treatment of his community. Back in September 2021, he expressed his frustration and outrage regarding the harsh treatment of Haitian refugees in the United States.

He wrote,

As a member of the Haitian community I am outraged by the mistreatment of Haitian people who came to America seeking refuge, & instead were met with literal whips and chains (cuffs). Why are we still following the last president’s policies and why are my people being brutalized.

Bryan’s commitment to his roots is not just about advocacy; it’s personal. His parents Christopher Hearne and, Tracey Brown, who are no longer together, have instilled in him the importance of understanding and honoring his culture.

Bryan's early years photo
A young Hearne with his dad, Christopher.

He became a Rapper After Quitting Acting

Hearne started rapping at the age of 14. He said, “Hip Hop was always important to me. I began writing raps when I was 9. After I left ‘All That,’ I saw it as a chance to start recording music. Things got better from there.”

At first, he called himself Holl E Wood, but he didn’t like it. Later, he chose Comodity because he liked the idea that it’s something everyone wants. This name change helped him get noticed.


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Bryan then started rapping under the name Comodity and became a part of the group the Crown Holders with Jeffery Wood, another child actor famous for the show, In The House. Bryan and Jeff met through a friend they both knew.

Sometimes later, he retired Comodity and took on a different alias, Chauncey Bass. From 2018 to 2019, he released around 10 songs including Baby Blue, Ninth Grade, Top of the Hill, and Cruisin, among others.

His Net Worth

Worth $250,000, as of 2024, Bryan Hearne mostly earned from his career as an actor, then later rapper, and now as a public speaker and entrepreneur.

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