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By RahulPublished on: March 17, 2024 Updated on: April 12, 2024
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Pia Bertolotti and Brittany Murphy’s early years were marked by separation, as the sisters spent years apart due to family circumstances. They were born to the same dad Angelo Bertolotti but a different mom. In 2019, they lost their dad at the age of 92.

Their parents’ identities play a significant role in understanding the background and upbringing that shaped their lives. They were estranged throughout their life and it was only when Pia and Brittany became teenagers, 16 and 19, respectively, that they reconciled.

Brittany, known for her roles in Clueless, Just Married, and Uptown Girls, was a shining star in Hollywood. Her sudden death at the age of 32 stunned everyone, especially Pia. The cause, linked to complications from drug use and mental health problems, sparked controversy and denial among those closest to Brittany, including her half-sis and her mother, Sharon Murphy.

Despite the challenges and public scrutiny faced by the family, Pia remained devoted to her defense of Brittany’s character and health choices. She insists that Brittany was cautious about her health, partly due to a deep-seated fear of death and illness from a young age. She told RadarOnline,

She had been scared of death since she was a child. She had a fear of having heart issues when she was younger. We talked about it. It was a general fear of death. She was super careful about how she took care of herself.

Additionally, Pia vehemently denied the accusations of drug abuse and eating disorders that clouded Brittany’s reputation following her death.

In pictures, it looks like she was super sick. I can’t imagine Brittany being weak, but she was very dependent. Still, I can say with all confidence in my heart she was not addicted to prescription drugs. No way!

Brittany’s legacy, as seen through Pia’s eyes, is one of love, joy, and redemption. Despite the misunderstandings and rumors, Brittany’s ability to connect with people and spread happiness remained undeniable. Pia holds onto the belief that her sister’s influence continues to resonate.

Today we will find out what Pia is doing now and how is her life post Brittany’s death.

She Is Involved In Multiple Community Works

For fans asking the question, is Brittany Murphy’s sister an actress? Well, the answer is no. In fact, Pia has built a career deeply rooted in faith and community service organizations. Since February 2022, she has been serving as the Executive Director at the Memphis Morning Center, an organization committed to providing comprehensive prenatal care to pregnant women in urban and underserved areas. Under her leadership, the center offers quality care at no charge, addressing a critical need in the community and ensuring that expectant mothers receive the support and medical attention they deserve.

Pia and her partner of decades
Pia primarily works for faith-based organizations.

Her journey in the faith sector began at PULSE Outreach, an organization dedicated to spreading the teachings and love of Jesus Christ to the next generation. At PULSE, Pia worked tirelessly to bring hope and spiritual guidance through various initiatives, including live events, livestreams, and the creation of digital resources.

Following her tenure at PULSE, she embraced her passion for music and worship by becoming a Worship Leader at Hope Baptist Church. In this role, she was not just a singer or musician; she was a spiritual guide, leading the congregation in worship and connecting them more deeply with their faith.

She also took on the role of National Director of Mobilization at Awaken the Dawn, a grassroots movement dedicated to continuous worship, prayer, and missions.

She and Her Husband Share Four Children

Pia, who exchanged vows with her partner, Jason Reynolds on November 1st, 2008, has been on a journey of love, commitment, and mutual respect. Her partner is an account manager at Conservation Services Group.

Despite their busy lives, Pia often shares cherished moments with her husband on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. To this day, they try their best to keep the romance alive.

Together, they have welcomed four wonderful children. Their firstborn, Mali, who arrived on April 13th, 2001, has already graduated high school and studies in Germany. The family expanded with the birth of Karli Marola on August 12th, 2005, who, along with her younger siblings, the twins Lila Bean and Lukas born on July 10th, 2009, attended Northpoint Christian School.

Pia with her kids and hubby
Pia and her family, during Christmas.

Her children hold their Christian faith close to their hearts, something which their mom taught them. Today, she lives a joyful life with her family in Olive Branch, MS.

Her Brother Thinks Their Sister Murphy Was Murdered

At 43 year old, Pia Bertolotti Reynolds is the youngest of the brood. Aside from her late older sis, she has two older brothers, Jeff, aged 69, and Tony Bertolotti, 76. Jeff was interested in jazz, Tony played saxophone in the 60’s.

A photo of Brittany.
Murphy died at the age of 32.

Decades after Brittany’s tragic death, her half-brother, Tony, continues to seek answers. He firmly believes that Brittany and her husband, Simon, did not die by accident but were murdered.

Moreover, he often speaks about the lack of transparency surrounding the events of Brittany’s passing and the subsequent disappearance of her estimated $10 million fortune.

Additionally, he pointed to the unusual control over Brittany’s estate. He said,

The estate was left to Sharon, an editor of a major Hollywood newspaper, he was on the paperwork for her estate, and also a diabetes doctor from Miami she was seeing. Those were the controlling names on the estate. Brittany had no control over that estate. So they had the estate wrapped up. My father had the blood work done [toxicity report], which found impurities in her blood including arsenic. There’s no way she died of natural causes. It’s impossible. It’s bulls**t, total cr*p. It was obvious to me, she was taken out.

He suspects a cover-up, aggravated by Sharon Murphy‘s disappearance from public view, and the silence from those who were close to Brittany. Despite his grief and frustration, Tony decided to focus on his own peace and well-being, retreating to his ranch in Florida.

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