Brendan Fraser’s Youngest Son, Leland Francis Fraser, Balances Music and Modeling

By AtticusPublished on: June 20, 2024 Updated on: June 20, 2024
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Leland Francis Fraser, born on May 2, 2006, in Los Angeles, is a name increasingly recognized not just for his illustrious family background but for his booming career in both modeling and music.

As the youngest son of actor Brendan Fraser and former actress-turned-real estate agent Afton Smith, Leland’s life has been steeped in a mix of Hollywood allure and the more grounded realities of life in Greenwich, Connecticut, where he was raised following his parents’ separation.

Under his mother’s care in this serene East Coast setting, far from the frenetic pace of Los Angeles, Leland and his older brothers, Griffin and Holden, found a nurturing environment.

This period was instrumental in shaping both his educational journey and his creative passions. The supportive, less intrusive community of Greenwich fostered Leland’s interests in the arts, laying a solid foundation for his later pursuits in music and modeling.

He Performed With ‘Fast Times’ After His Father’s Oscar Win

In March 2023, just after Brendan’s Oscar win for his comeback role in The Whale, his son Leland had his own significant evening. The then-16-year-old performed at the iconic West Hollywood club, Whisky a Go Go, following his father’s achievement.

It was all very spur of the moment,” Leland shared. Recognized for his guitar talent, he joined the ’80s cover band Fast Times to perform the ZZ Top hit “Tush.” “They learned I played guitar and let me hop up,” he explained.

Already skilled in guitar and bass from self-taped Instagram videos, Leland was well-prepared. “Mentally, I knew my fingers knew how to play this song,” he said, confident in his musical ability. “Tush is just a blues [number], something I could play with my eyes closed.

Leland and his brother Holden with their father Brendan after he won an Oscar
Leland and his brother Holden with their father Brendan after he won an Oscar

His main challenge wasn’t the song but the audience. He faced a large, energetic crowd, far removed from the solitude of home recordings. Despite his father’s recent Hollywood success, Brendan’s insights into music were limited. “He doesn’t really know much about music,” Leland admitted, noting that specific performance advice wasn’t forthcoming from his father.

Leland’s musical journey also includes being a guitarist for the band “The Alligator.” In June 2023, the band announced the release of a demo on Spotify and Apple Music and their plans to work on new material. However, the band now seems dysfunctional.

More recently, two members from “The Alligator,” Leland and PJ Shaum, teamed up with Alex LaPadula to form a new band, “The Resurrection Men.” Their first single, “Day Dreaming,” was released in March 2024.

His Modeling Works

In September 2023, Leland made his debut at New York Fashion Week, walking for designer Peter Do in his inaugural show as Helmut Lang’s creative director.

Preparing for this event, Leland attended casting calls with guidance from his mother, Afton, and honed his runway walk. Despite the nerves, he remained reflective, similar to his approach to music. “I’m not really sure what to feel at the moment,” he had remarked, showcasing his calm demeanor.

His fashion preferences were evident as he embraced Peter Do’s edgier collection, aligning with his dislike for traditional suits and ties. This preference was showcased earlier in June 2023, when Leland, alongside his father Brendan and brother Holden, attended the Giorgio Armani Milan Fashion Week, highlighting his interest in distinctive, rock-and-roll-inspired attire.

Leland with his father and brother during the Milan Fashion Week in 2023
Leland with his father and brother during the Milan Fashion Week in 2023

Leland Went Viral for His Uncanny Resemblance to Actress Sadie Sink

In early 2023, following the successful release of Brendan’s film The Whale, social media users quickly noted the striking resemblance between Brendan’s youngest son, Leland, and his on-screen daughter, Sadie Sink. This observation sparked a viral sensation on platforms like TikTok and Twitter.

A TikTok user, @anyajoie, dubbed Leland the “male version” of Sadie Sink, highlighting their shared features, particularly their red hair. Her video featuring a slideshow of Leland garnered thousands of likes in just one day, fueling further speculation and amusement. “Oh so that’s why they cast Sadie as his daughter,” one user commented, suggesting a playful reason for the casting choice.

The Fraser family’s online presence wasn’t limited to Leland. Holden, Brendan’s middle son, also captured attention with his towering height and striking looks. “This week I learned that Brendan Fraser has beautiful sons. Also. TALL AF MY GOODNESS. Brendan is fully like 6’2″ish right?” tweeted one user, highlighting the family’s impressive stature and appeal.

Moreover, Brendan’s first son, Griffin, stands as the tallest in the family at 6 feet 5 inches.

Three Powerful Women In His Family

Leland’s family boasts three remarkable women whose talents and careers span a diverse array of fields. His grandmother, Miriam Smith, stands as a pillar of influence and has a respected career as a media consultant and publication designer.

Afton, Leland’s mother, has seamlessly transitioned from her early days as an actress to a successful real estate agent. Likewise, her younger sister, Margot, complements the family’s artistic lineage as a photographer, known for her ability to capture the profound and the every day with equal finesse.

Together, these women have also combined their skills for a cause close to their hearts. Miriam and Afton co-authored the book Point to Happy: A Book for Kids, a project inspired by Leland’s brother Griffin, who suffers from autism.

Afton Smith and her mother Miriam along with Margot wrote a book dedicated to Griffin
Afton Smith and her mother Miriam along with Margot wrote a book dedicated to Griffin

This book is designed to aid Griffin and many other children facing similar challenges, offering them a unique interactive experience. Margot contributed her photographic expertise to the book, providing essential visual elements that enhance its engaging and accessible format.

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