Birce Akalay: From Magic Of First Love To Longingness For Motherhood

By Navin SoniPublished on: May 16, 2024 Updated on: May 16, 2024
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Birce Akalay’s life has been a mixed bag, especially when it comes to her love life. The acclaimed Turkish actress, known for her roles in “Siyah Beyaz Aşk” and “Kuş Uçuşu,” has experienced both the highs of young love and the lows of marital breakdowns.

Reflecting on her first love, Akalay once shared a poetic view that encapsulates her romantic ideals.

“As for love… women bloom when they fall in love, like trees bloom in spring. The pleasant aroma that you get while walking along the street, what joy it brings to every cell… But what is real, I think the ability to love life itself, even when there is no love. It is the first and eternal love we need.”

Despite her profound appreciation for love, her personal experiences with marriage have been fraught with difficulty. In 2011, she married actor Murat Ünalmış, but their union lasted only a year. The reasons for their separation remain personal, but it’s clear that their relationship couldn’t withstand the pressures of public life and personal differences.​

Her second marriage to another actor, Sarp Levendoğlu, in 2014 also ended in divorce in 2017. The couple had a highly publicized relationship, filled with both passionate highs and tumultuous lows. Despite their best efforts, the marriage unraveled, leading to another public heartbreak.

Now at 39, while she has been looking for a balanced life with her newfound love Hakan Kurtaş, there are a group of her fans who are doubtful if she is longing for motherhood. The intrigue primarily seems to have occurred with her apparent closeness with her co-star İbrahim Çelikkol’s son Ali.

Does Her Closeness To İbrahim’s Son Indicate She Is Longing For Motherhood?

Birce has often been in the spotlight for her close relationship with fellow actor İbrahim Çelikkol and his son, Ali. This relationship has led to speculation about whether her interactions with Ali reflect a deeper longing for motherhood.

Birce and İbrahim share a strong friendship that transcends their professional collaborations, often sharing affectionate moments publicly. Her social media frequently features playful and nurturing interactions with Ali, showcasing a side of her that fans find endearing. This has sparked curiosity about her feelings towards having children.

Birce Enjoys Her Time With Ibrahim And His Son Ali
Akalay With Ibrahim And His Son Ali

In interviews, Birce has expressed a desire to become a mother, stating that she sees children as an evolution in life. Her nurturing behavior towards Ali probably hints at a latent maternal instinct, suggesting that she might indeed long for motherhood in the future.

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