Bill Maher Says Married Man Live Longer Because They Are Indoor Cats

By Sagar ChandPublished on: May 19, 2024 Updated on: May 20, 2024
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Bill Maher is as well-known for his sharp, incisive wit on HBO‘s Real Time as he is for his staunch bachelorhood. Unlike many celebrities who opt for domestic bliss, Maher, 68, remains a committed singleton, and his views on marriage are as pointed as his political commentary.

Over the years, he has provided a plethora of insights and quips that articulate his stance on staying single. His skepticism towards marriage is evident; he often compares the life of a married man to that of a caged animal. In a comedic piece from 2008, he famously compared married men to indoor cats, “I always hear women say you know married men live longer uh yes and an indoor cat also lives longer.”

He joked that while they might live longer, they are like “furballs with broken spirits,” merely observers of a world they can no longer fully engage with. Expanding on this metaphor, Bill describes himself as akin to an “escaped slave” bringing news of freedom to his married friends, who, much like “Mustangs” tamed into submission, have lost their wild, free-spirited nature. Now, they are more like the horses of Central Park—restricted and endlessly circling with blinders on.

American comedian and TV host, Bill Maher.
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Furthermore, in his discussions with prominent media figures like Dr. Phil and Howard Stern, Maher has elaborated on why he favors solitude over a settled relationship.

On The Howard Stern Show in June 2019, Maher candidly discussed his lifelong single status, clarifying that his career in comedy was not a barrier to marriage. Instead, he admitted, “It’s just that I never understood how I mean I’ve tried to have relationships. I’ve been in love. I’ve known some amazing couple but never understood how you can be with the same person just day after day week after week month after month year after year.”

He also talks about how people often use hobbies not out of genuine interest but as an escape from the monotony or dissatisfaction within their marriages. In a frank conversation with Dr. Phil, he said, “I always looked at society and thought Oh people are golfing. I mean no one really could it but okay. I just feel like it’s there’s thing that people do to either get away from their spouse or because they’re not getting whatever like charges them up in a marriage.”

Besides his personal preference for freedom and variety, Maher has expressed concerns about the darker aspects of marriage.

On Joe Rogan’s podcast in January 2020, he critiqued the facade of marital bliss, pointing out the eventual dissatisfaction that leads many to divorce courts. “We’re married we seem very happy and then well we’re not happy and we’re gonna get divorced and then we’re gonna let’s just do it amicably and not getting lawyers involved and then all falls apart and once it goes down that path that you’re talking about it just becomes as vicious as anything without guns,” he explained.

He further discussed the emotional and physical toll of stressful marital relationships, drawing a provocative connection between relationship strife and serious health issues. He stated,

People unfortunately get a horrible disease like cancer and they say I couldn’t have gotten through it without my wife. I always think yeah and maybe she gave it to you.

“I don’t mean of course literally but I just mean that when you’re in a bad relationship the stress we don’t know what contributes all the things to cancer but that certainly is,” he added.

Despite his strong opinions, Bill admits to nearly marrying in the past. “Yeah, I got close. I mean, I was engaged when I was 29,” he said OK! Magazine. “But I kind of knew even as we were engaged in buying the ring and all that stuff. just, there was a voice in my back in my head always saying, ‘really, you’re just going to f— this one person forever.”

Tensions Flare Between Maher and Howard Stern Over Marriage Comments

The longstanding but rocky relationship between media personalities Howard Stern and Bill Maher has hit another rough patch following the latter’s comments about Stern’s expressions of affection towards his wife, Beth Stern.

On his podcast, Club Random, the host of Politically Incorrect questioned the sensitivity of praising a current spouse in the public eye, especially considering past relationships.

“We know Howard had this other wife before Beth, so he’s trying to make me seem like I’m the slightly immoral one because I won’t settle down and all I could think of is how does this gushing about the second wife, how does that make the first wife feel? Could we just not gush about the person while the other person can still hear it?” Maher stated, clarifying that his intention wasn’t to ignite a conflict.

However, Stern responded strongly on his Sirius XM show, criticizing Bill’s comments as misguided and offensive. Defending his actions, Stern, 70, argued that expressing appreciation for his partner publicly represents a positive change in how men should talk about their partners.

“What a sexist thing to say! Like, what a convoluted, nutty thing to say,” Stern countered. He also revealed his unsuccessful attempt to discuss the matter privately with Maher, which went unanswered. “I wrote in an email, I said, ‘Why don’t you give me a phone call? Why don’t you tell me what you think about my life and my marriage since you’re, you know.’ But of course, he never wrote me back,” Stern disclosed.

This isn’t the first clash between the two media figures. Bill and Howard have a history of rocky interactions, dating back to the early days of their careers.

His Former Black Girlfriend Sued Him for $9 Million Over Broken Marriage Promise

Maher, though never married, has had his share of significant relationships. One such relationship was with Nancy “Coco” Johnsen, a former model and flight attendant, which began in January 2003. Their initial encounter took place at the Crazy Horse III in Las Vegas, setting the stage for what would later become a significant legal confrontation.

Maher and his ex-partner Nancy Johnsen.
Bill and Nancy.

In 2004, Johnsen initiated a lawsuit against Bill, seeking $9 million in damages and levying serious accusations including fraud, battery, and assault. She claimed that Maher had enticed her to abandon her career at Delta Airlines with promises of a future that included marriage and children.

Furthermore, she alleged that the veteran television personality had committed to either purchasing for her the Beverly Hills house once owned by Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez or providing the funds for a similar property. However, as the relationship began to sour, Johnsen reported a drastic shift in Maher’s behavior. She accused him of verbal abuse and detailed an incident at a party where an irate Bill allegedly shook her, causing injuries to her back and neck.

In response to these allegations, Maher moved to dismiss the lawsuit. In November 2004, he submitted a formal request, positioning himself as a “confirmed bachelor” and denying any promises of marriage or sustained financial support to Johnsen. The legal dispute reached its conclusion when a Superior Court judge ultimately dismissed the lawsuit.

List of His Other Girlfriends

  1. Tracy Richman (1988 -1989)
  2. Heather Hunter (1991)
  3. Amber Smith (1995)
  4. Arianna Huffington (1997-1998)
  5. Karrine Steffans (2005)
  6. Jasmine Boussem (2009)
  7. Cara Santa Maria (2010 and 2011)
  8. Ann Coulter (Multiple romantic encounters over the years)
  9. Anjulie Persaud (mid-2010s)

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