What You Should Know About Bethann Hardison’s Ethnicity, Husband, and Net Worth

By RahulPublished on: May 1, 2024 Updated on: May 5, 2024
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Bethann Hardison, 81, a trailblazer in the fashion industry, is set to be honored at the 75th annual Parsons Benefit at Cipriani Wall Street in New York City on May 21, 2024.

Earlier this year, Hardison took center stage at the Sundance Film Festival with the premiere of Invisible Beauty. She co-directed the documentary with Frédéric Tcheng.

With such an illustrious career one might wonder, what has all this success translated into in terms of wealth? And beyond her professional life, who is the man by her side, and what story does her early life tell?

She Shares One Son with her Ex-Husband

Bethann, a luminary in the fashion world, was married to Donald McFadden. Her ex-spouse is an antique and fine art collector.

Their paths crossed when Bethann was in her early adulthood, and their relationship eventually led to marriage, according to Variety. Together, they welcomed a son, Kadeem McFadden Hardison, a famous actor

Bethann Hardison husband Donald McFadden
Bethann’s husband Donald (right). Source: Facebook

While the exact date of their separation remains unclear, we first find out they were separated when in an interview with Vogue Bethann referred to Donald as her former husband.

In an article by The Guardian, Donald was referred to as Bethann’s ‘friend,’ saying they are amicable post-divorce.

Today, Bethann continues her life as a single woman having moved on from her marriage but still connected through their shared legacy—their son.

She Has Made a Fortune Out of her Illustrious Career

As of 2024 Bethann is worth $3 million, largely earned through her pioneering career in modeling. She shot to fame after appearing at the 1973 Battle of Versailles fashion show, where she became one of the first African-American high-profile models.

This event not only catapulted her career but also marked a significant moment in fashion history by highlighting the need for diversity on the runway.

Bethann has also been a vocal advocate for inclusivity in the fashion industry. She founded the Diversity Coalition, an organization focused on challenging racism in fashion. Her efforts have reshaped the industry, providing more opportunities for models of color.

Bethann Hardison wearing a jeans
Bethann is a style icon. Source: Instagram

For her tireless activism and contributions to fashion, Bethann was honored with the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Founder’s Award in honor of Eleanor Lambert.

Her Father Was a Muslim Preacher and Malcolm X’s Mentor

Bethann Hardison was born on September 30th, 1942 in the vibrant neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn, New York. Her early life was shaped by the strong women around her—her mother, Vivian a lively socialite, and her grandmother, both of whom worked in domestic service.

These early years were filled with freedom and exploration, where Bethann indulged in her passion for tap dancing and briefly mingled with local youth gangs.

Bethan Hardison and Kadeem Hardison
Bethann with her son Kadeem. Source: Instagram

The dynamics of her childhood changed dramatically when she was 12 years old. After her parents’ separation, her father, Clifford, a well-respected imam and community leader with roots in Sudan, took custody.

Living with him introduced Bethann to a world of intellectual discussions and notable figures. Her late dad was an advisor to Elijah Mohammad and a mentor to Malcolm X. When talking about her religion, like her dad, Bethann is a devout Muslim, who to this day observes Ramadan.


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Meanwhile, Bethann’s education journey took her to a mostly white high school, including George W. Wingate High School, where she was bussed as part of an integration effort.

There, she broke barriers as the first Black cheerleader and engaged actively in choir, debate team, and athletics. She did it all despite criticism from some peers about losing her cultural identity.

After completing high school, Bethann quickly moved into the professional world, becoming the youngest correctional officer at 19. She held a position at the Westfield State Farm women’s prison.

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