Barry Keoghan and Brando: Is He a Devoted Father or a Deadbeat Dad?

By RahulPublished on: June 17, 2024 Updated on: June 18, 2024
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Back in January 2024, Irish actor Barry Keoghan was slammed with allegations that he’s a deadbeat dad. It all kicked off when his ex-girlfriend, Alyson Keirans, posted a photo on Instagram with their son, Brando, 1, and captioned it, “No love could ever come close.” Naturally, the comment section blew up with fans showing their love and support for Alyson. They were all like, “You’re amazing, raising Brando on your own!” This whole situation got people talking, and soon enough, fans were calling Barry out for not being there for his son.

Then in June 2024, things got messier. Barry and his new girlfriend, Sabrina Carpenter, were spotted having dinner at the Chiltern Firehouse in London. Now, this wouldn’t normally be a big deal, but it happened over Father’s Day weekend.

People on social media lost it. They were saying things like, “The fact he’s neglecting his child to hop around the globe with his new gf gives me a major ick,” and, “He’s a deadbeat dad.”

These comments got everyone wondering: Is Barry really repeating the mistakes of his own childhood? Remember, he grew up without a father figure and spent a lot of time in foster homes because of his mom’s drug addiction. Or, are people just blowing things way out of proportion?

Barry Keoghan’s Move to LA Away from His Son: A Questionable Choice?

Barry’s journey as a dad is a mixed bag of dedication and controversy. When he started dating pop star Sabrina, he made a significant life choice – moving to LA. This meant opting for a long-distance relationship with his young son Brando, rather than with Sabrina.

A source at the time told The Sun,

Barry is in demand at the moment and Los Angeles is where it is at. He also wants to spend as much time with Sabrina as possible given their hectic work schedules. Barry is keeping in touch with his family over the phone and they are having to adapt to him spending more time in the States.

For many, this decision was hard to understand, especially since plenty of big-name actors don’t live in LA and manage to have thriving careers. Barry had already built his career while living in the UK, so why the sudden move?

Critics didn’t hold back. They questioned his priorities, accusing him of putting his happiness above his son’s well-being. The fact that Barry was seen globetrotting with Sabrina instead of spending more time with Brando only added fuel to the deadbeat talk.

His Own Childhood Experiences May Have Affected His Relationship with his Child

Let’s not forget that Keoghan’s childhood was far from ideal. He didn’t have a father figure and grew up in various foster homes due to his mother’s addiction issues. Without a role model to show him the ropes of fatherhood, Barry might be navigating these waters as best as he can.

Brando Keoghan surrounded by balloons
Brando looking dapper in his bike. Source: Instagram

Financially, he might believe that providing for his son is a huge deal – especially considering he didn’t have that kind of support growing up.

Barry’s Love for Brando: Heartwarming or Just Good PR?

His baby’s mother Alyson Keirans, has shared several stories where Barry did make an effort to visit their son since their break-up in 2023. In February, April, and May of 2024, Barry was seen spending time with Brando.

Plus, Barry never shies away from talking about his baby boy. Remember when he won the EE Bafta and told the interviewer he was going straight to see his son? That’s a pretty strong statement of where his heart is.

In addition to this, in a 2024 interview with Vanity Fair, he said he wants Brando to grow up proud of his famous dad.

Alyson Keirans holding her infant son Brando
Brando with his momma. Source: Instagram

In a chat with Vanity Fair, Barry shared how his son motivates him. He said,

It’s a new territory for me, and I want to be the best person for him. It’s a very important thing for me—for him to be able to grow up and be proud of his daddy, and to lean on his daddy. And if he has questions or anything, I’m always there for him in that sense of learning and growing with him and failing.

Apart from talking about their bond, Barry has also shared a few funny tidbits about Brando. During a Q&A session with What’s In & Out, he talked about how he almost gave his son the name, Wolf but he changed his mind after realizing it would mean his son’s name would be Wolf Cub. “Imagine that! Hey Wolf, stop barking.”

Even around the 2024 Father’s Day week, a Twitter user mentioned that Barry visited their store with his son, showing that he spends time with him. Yet, the sight of him with Sabrina over the Father’s Day weekend overshadowed these moments, leading to more criticism.

So, Barry’s out here trying to be the best dad he can be, sharing sweet stories and moments that make you go “aww.” Whether this makes him a devoted dad or not is up for debate. But one thing’s for sure – Barry loves to talk about his little Brando, and who can blame him?

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