Once Involved In A Bar Fight, Barry Keoghan and His Brother Eric Overcome Challenges Of Their Childhood

By RahulPublished on: June 18, 2024 Updated on: June 19, 2024
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Barry Keoghan and his younger brother Eric Keoghan grew up in the tough streets of Summerhill, Dublin, facing more challenges by the time they were kids than many faces in a lifetime. With their dad out of the picture and their mom Debbie struggling with a heroin addiction, life was far from easy.

When Barry was just five years old, the brothers were placed in foster care, moving between several different homes. Their aunt Lorraine Keoghan, determined to give them a stable and secure environment, spent a year fighting to bring them into her home.

With their mother’s approval, Barry and Eric finally found a loving haven with Lorraine, their grandmother Patricia, and their cousin Gemma, who became like an older sister. Tragically, two years after moving in with their aunt, their mother passed away in 2003.

Barry Keoghan and his maternal aunt and sister
Barry with his cousin sister, Gemma (left), and aunt Lorraine.

Tragedy struck when their mother passed away from a drug-related illness. This was a devastating blow for them, but their maternal aunt Lorraine and grandmother provided all the love and support the boys needed, which made the travesty somewhat bearable. This was the kind of family support that made a world of difference for the Keoghan bros.

Now, while Barry’s Hollywood career has been making waves, what’s his brother Eric up to these days?

Eric Has Built a Beautiful Life In Ireland with his Partner

Eric’s life in Ireland is a far cry from the glitz and glamour. Since 2014, he’s been in a happy relationship with Roslyn Louise (aka Roslyn Murphy), and together, they’ve crafted a life filled with love and laughter. Their bond is something special, built on mutual support and shared dreams.

Eric Keoghan in front of a pier with his family
Eric enjoying a beach day with his kids and partner.

Nowadays, Eric’s home is filled with the delightful chaos of three kids. They welcomed their first child, a daughter, Lyra Rae, in 2014. This little bundle of joy brought immense happiness to the Keoghan clan. At that time, the new uncle Barry, who was over the moon with the news, couldn’t help but shout out on Facebook about his new niece. He wrote,

I have become an uncle! 🙂 Congrats to my Bro and his Girlfriend on there new baby girl.

Eric and Roslyn’s family continued to grow with the arrival of their second daughter, Kayleigh, on August 23, 2021, and then their son Jagger on January 17, 2024.

While Barry is making waves in Hollywood, Eric enjoys the simple pleasures of family life in Finglas, near Dublin, cherishing every moment with his family.

Their Traumatic Childhood Have Visible Impacts On Their Adult Life

Growing up without a stable parental figure really left its mark on Barry and Eric. Their childhood was filled with chaos and instability, bouncing from one foster home to another. It’s no wonder some of that turbulence has followed them into adulthood.

Eric and Barry Keoghan
Eric and Barry.

A few years back, someone from a bar in Charlotte, NC, had a pretty wild story about the Keoghan brothers. Apparently, the Keoghan brothers were in town and decided to hit up a local bar. According to the source, Barry acted like a total prick, putting his feet on the tables and just generally being cocky. Eric, on the other hand, was picking fights with everyone. Things got so heated that they ended up getting kicked out. Barry freaked out, probably realizing his brother’s antics could jeopardize his career.

Barry’s public incidents didn’t stop there. In 2021, he was reportedly arrested for public intoxication in Dublin. This was another instance where his behavior reflected the unresolved issues from his past. Furthermore, there were allegations of Barry verbally abusing his ex-girlfriend in a bar.

It’s not hard to see how their tough upbringing might have contributed to these behaviors.

He Has Worked In the Industry

Eric might not be a household name, but he’s definitely had his hands in some interesting projects within the film industry. He worked as a stagehand on two notable movies: Gretel & Hansel (2020) and The Green Knight (2021), starring his brother Barry as well.

Similarly, Eric’s baby’s mother, Roslyn is also immersed in a creative profession. She works as a makeup artist at Sugar Dolls Nail Bar and Beauty, where her talent for enhancing beauty makes a big impact.

Barry’s Siblings are His Greatest Supporters

When it comes to family support, Barry, 30, hit the jackpot with his siblings, Eric and Gemma. These two have been his biggest cheerleaders throughout his rising career.

Eric Keoghan, for instance, is not just a brother but a full-on hype man for Barry. He once unknowingly spilled the beans about Barry’s role as the Joker in The Batman. He shared a post from Heroic Hollywood with pure excitement, writing, “So it’s finally out my brother playing the Joker in the new Batman. Unreal stuff.” Talk about being proud!

In addition to this, Eric and his partner Roslyn Murphy showed their support towards Barry by appearing at the Dunkirk premiere in Dublil in 2017.

Eric Keoghan and Rosalyn Louis at Dunkirk premiere
At the premiere of Dunkirk, Eric and his lover, Rosalyn.

Barry’s sister Gemma, [calculate_age birthdate=” is no less enthusiastic. Her Facebook page is practically a fan club for Barry. When Barry was nominated for an Oscar for his role in The Banshees of Inisherin, Gemma couldn’t contain her pride. She posted, “Couldn’t be prouder 🥰 you’re always our winner, fingers crossed for Sunday come on Barry 💙.”

But she didn’t stop there. Gemma even went all out and ordered a flex banner that read, “Best of Luck Barry, we’re so proud bring home the Oscar.” Now that’s sibling love at its finest.

These gestures from Eric and Gemma show just how tight-knit the Keoghan family is. They might not all be in the Hollywood spotlight, but their unwavering support helps Barry shine even brighter.

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