Ariana Greenblatt In a Relationship?! Hard Launches Her Partner?

By RahulPublished on: June 24, 2024 Updated on: June 24, 2024
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Whenever a celebrity hints at a new relationship, it never fails to capture the public’s imagination. Such is the case with Ariana Greenblatt, whose recent Instagram interaction has fans and followers buzzing with speculation.

After Ariana commented “hardest launch” on a cozy series of photos shared by Rio Amar (@rio.btw), discussions erupted over whether this might be her way of introducing a partner.

Is Ariana taking a bold step in her personal life by revealing a new girlfriend? Dive into the story that continues to intrigue and captivate, no matter when you come across it.

What We Know About Her Dating Life

In June 2024, Ariana’s Instagram activity set the rumor mill spinning faster than usual. The center of this whirlwind is a series of photos posted by Rio Amar, a DJ.

In these images, Ariana and Rio appear exceptionally close and comfortable, sparking conversations about the nature of their relationship.

Ariana Greenblatt and Rio Amar in a photo
Rio (left) and Ariana (right).

In the first image, they are captured in a casual and intimate setting. They are sitting side by side against a metal barrier, with Ariana slightly leaning into Rio. Both are dressed casually, Ariana in a light-colored button-down shirt and jeans, and Rio in a burgundy T-shirt and shorts.

The second photo is a strip from a photo booth, showing Ariana and Rio in a series of playful and spontaneous poses. They make faces, laugh, and interact with the camera in a light-hearted manner. The playful nature of these shots fueled speculation about their relationship.

The intrigue intensified when Ariana commented “hardest launch” on the post. On social media, such a phrase is often a playful yet poignant way to announce significant personal news—like a new relationship.

This single comment transformed a regular photo share into a potential public declaration of a romantic partnership, leading to widespread speculation and excitement among their followers.

Ariana Greenblatt and Rio Amar in photobooth
Rio and Ariana in a playful photo.

Some fans speculate that this could be Ariana’s playful way of confirming her relationship with Rio, while others suggest it might simply celebrate a deep, platonic friendship, especially given the close-knit nature of their interactions in the photos.

Considering Rio identifies as gay, the debate continues on whether this is a romantic announcement or a showcase of a strong, affectionate friendship.

In the past, Ariana Was Linked with a Couple of Names

Let’s rewind a bit and check out some whispers from Ariana’s past rumored relationships that had the rumor mills churning. Though none of these hook-ups were ever confirmed, they sure made some interesting headlines.

First up, there’s Malachi Flynn. Word on the street is that they may have dated. The actors first met back when working in the series, Stuck in the Middle, when they were still pretty young. Ironically, Malachi played her TV brother.

However, that didn’t stop fans from speculating that maybe, just maybe, their paths crossed in a way that wasn’t just all professional. You know how it is when two young, talented folks hit it off—people start talking!

Then there’s the high school connection with a dude named Ryan. This rumor got some legs in 2023 when Ariana dropped a little nugget in an interview, calling Ryan “the most attractive guy in school.” Smooth, right? But here’s where it gets juicier—when Ryan got his turn in front of the mic, he went ahead and called Ariana “his girl.” Cue the “oohs” and “aahs” and a whole lot of fanfic. Although it was all fun and games, and neither of them confirmed dating, that kind of banter was enough to get tongues wagging.

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