Former Talent Manager Ariadna Jacob Criticizes Brittany Broski in Viral TikTok

In a recent TikTok video, former talent manager Ariadna Jacob has lamented how Brittany Broski treated her after getting success.

By AtticusPublished on: May 14, 2024 Updated on: May 14, 2024
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In a recent viral TikTok video, Ariadna Jacob, a prominent talent manager based in Los Angeles, aired grievances against TikTok star and social media influencer Brittany Broski. Jacob, who claims to have discovered and managed Broski in 2019, expressed her disappointment over the influencer’s alleged betrayal and deceit.

Jacob, who represented Broski early in her career, recounted how she provided significant support to the then-aspiring influencer. “Brittany was a very nice person when I met her,” Jacob said in the video. “She came out to LA at the time and I let her stay at my house; I slept on the couch. I helped her get brand deals.

Despite her efforts to help Broski, Jacob claims that her former client later turned against her. She accused Broski of lying about her to Taylor Lorenz of the New York Times and subsequently signing with United Talent Agency (UTA), which also represents Lorenz. Jacob described this move as a coordinated effort to undermine her.

Jacob, who emigrated from Mexico to the United States as a child, emphasized her dedication to helping young talents build their careers. “It was my dream to build a company and to help people like Brittany build their careers. I put all my money towards this; I didn’t have much but I put all of it towards helping people.

Expressing a sense of betrayal, Jacob lamented, “Brittany repaid me by lying about me. I never stole from you, never did anything to hurt you intentionally for sure, and if I did something else that hurt you; please let me know.” She urged Broski to reconnect with her “humanity and empathy” and to avoid treating others as disposable.


Replying to @sagalpls I looked out for Brittany like she was my own family when i was her manager in 2019. I put her on a Super Bowl commercial my friend Gary Vee was casting. How did Brittany repay the person her own mother called her second mom? She lied and trashed me in the New York Times to Taylor Lorenz for fame and money. Signed to United Talent Agency my direct business rivals. Im blocking Taylor Lorenz & United Talent Agency journalist clients at this block party. I have more stories to share if you want to follow along.

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Jacob also touched on broader issues within the entertainment industry, criticizing what she sees as a culture of elitism and fame addiction. “Stop pandering to United Talent Agency, to elitism, to fame. You’re addicted to it,” she said, addressing Broski directly. “I feel like this is coming around because people are inauthentic; you guys are addicted to likes and you forgot about your humanity.

Jacob founded Influences in 2018, the same year TikTok merged with By early 2020, Business Insider had named Influences and Ms. Jacob among the top creator managers, working with some of TikTok’s most notable influencers, including Addison Easterling and Charli and Dixie D’Amelio.

Among Jacob’s clients at the time was Brittany Tomlinson, whom Jacob had approached after Tomlinson’s viral kombucha reaction video. “Ari DMed me on Twitter and was like, ‘I’m seeing this image of you going around a lot, have you made any money?’” Tomlinson recalled. She said Jacob promised to secure a deal with a kombucha brand and convinced her to sign a contract.

Tomlinson initially signed a nonexclusive agreement in August 2019, which became exclusive a month later. Despite starting brand deals and even filming a Super Bowl commercial, by January 2020, Tomlinson realized she hadn’t been paid since Halloween 2019.

Upon investigating, Tomlinson discovered she was owed tens of thousands of dollars and filed a complaint with the California Labor Commission in April 2020, alleging Jacob violated California law by operating as a talent agency without a license and withholding $23,683.82 in fees. Tomlinson also claimed Jacob demanded up to 20 percent commission and squatted on the domain name

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