Antony Starr Accused of Being a Bully, Sexist and Overall Offensive To Everyone On Set

By RahulPublished on: July 4, 2024 Updated on: July 4, 2024
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So, major news dropped about Vought_HQ, the go-to Instagram spot for all things related to the TV series “The Boys.” They’re shutting down the account for good. Yeah, no more insider scoops, no more theory crafting – it’s all coming to an end.

Running that page was once all fun and games, diving into wild spoilers and fan theories, but things took a darker turn, and now they’re stepping away from it all.

An Instagram post
The Post shared by Vought_HQ, announcing their departure.

And here’s where things get even spicier. During their last hurrah with a Q&A session, the person behind Vought_HQ didn’t just say their goodbyes. They dropped some heavy truth bombs about the show’s crew and Antony Starr, a.k.a. Homelander himself.

In the next bit, we’ll dive into what exactly Vought_HQ revealed in that final Q&A. From allegations of bullying to dodgy behind-the-scenes antics, it sounds like things on the set of “The Boys” might have been anything but heroic.

Vought_HQ’s Bombshell Q&A About Antony

Alright, diving back into the drama surrounding Antony and Vought_HQ’s Q&A, a question has been popping up a lot lately: Is Antony nice in real life? With the curtain pulled back by the Instagram account, the answer might not be what fans hope for.

If the allegations shared by Vought_HQ hold any weight, then Antony might be far from the nice guy persona many have imagined. It’s a jarring contrast to the friendly, approachable image often portrayed in interviews.

Although rumors about Starr’s real-life personality have been going on for a while now, the story shared by Vought_HQ has indeed shown him in a different light.

Antony Starr Abusive behaviour
Q&A shared by Vought_HQ.

Now, let’s focus more on Queen Maeve, or Dominique McElligott, who was central to these allegations. The claim that Starr’s behavior may have influenced her decision to step back from the limelight and eventually leave the industry altogether paints a troubling picture.

Fans recall how back when Dominique was still a cast, she rarely participated in promotional activities with the rest of the cast, despite her character being a major part of the show.

Initially, many thought she was just extremely private, preferring to avoid the spotlight that comes with a hit series. However, given what’s surfaced, it seems there might have been more stressful, underlying reasons related to the alleged toxic environment.

Homelander and Queen Maeve
Source: ScreenRant

Reflecting on fan reactions again, they’re definitely mixed with a sense of betrayal and disappointment. Fans who once praised Starr for his portrayal of Homelander are now second-guessing the genuineness of his off-screen personality. “He’s just like him. That’s why his smile is so creepy,” one fan commented.

Q&A shared by Vought_HQ.

However, it’s crucial to remember these are still fan speculations and allegations from an Instagram Q&A. None of these claims have been officially confirmed, and they do stem largely from personal accounts and interpretations shared anonymously.

So, is Antony nice in real life? If you were asking this, the recent revelations might give you pause. But as with all stories, especially those coming from behind the scenes of popular shows, it’s wise to approach with a sense of caution and awareness that there’s often more to the story than what is publicly shared.

He Is Against Cancel Culture

In June 2024, Antony revealed where he stands with the cancel culture which stirred up the pot even more. His girlfriend Sandra Vergara, whom he has been dating for some time now, posted a rant against the toxicity of cancel culture, and Antony jumped right in, commenting, “This is so true. We are in an age where ‘facts’ are labeled alternative and truth is a secondary citizen to sensationalism and soundbites. I love what you are doing.”

antony starr and his partner Sandra at an event.
Starr and Vergara May 11, 2024, in Culver City, California.

This whole scene got fans buzzing and scratching their heads. Why? Because Starr’s famous on-screen persona, Homelander, is pretty much a caricature of an American conservative. Now, fans are wondering if life is imitating art—or is it the other way around? It’s like a real-life plot twist where Starr might just be channeling his inner Homelander more than we thought.

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