Annie Potts’ Third Husband Scott Senechal Is Happily Married Now

Annie Potts' ex-husband Scott Senechal has also remarried and living a joyful life now.

By RahulPublished on: April 2, 2024 Updated on: May 23, 2024
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With an illustrious career spanning several decades, Annie Potts is best known for her role as Janine Melnitz in the iconic Ghostbusters series and for her portrayal of Meemaw on the beloved television show Young Sheldon. But behind a successful career lies a personal story that wasn’t so stable. She has been married four times.

Today we talk about her ex-husband, Scott Senechal aka B. Scott. He stands out not just for his ties with the celebrated actress but for his own contributions to the film industry. As the second unit Director, Senechal has had a hand in shaping some of the most memorable cinematic experiences of the late 20th century, including many classics.

The former flames tied the knot on February 28, 1981. It’s likely they crossed paths through their work in the entertainment industry. The same year they exchanged vows, they also became a parent welcoming, Clay Samuel in 1981. However, their journey together wasn’t smooth, and by 1989, they decided to part ways.

Scott and Annie's son Clay in a picture with his mom.
Scott and Annie’s son Clay. Source: Instagram

They had actually been living apart since 1987, two years before their divorce was finalized. Annie was the one who filed for the divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. Despite the end of their marriage, they managed to keep things friendly for the sake of their son, sharing his custody and making sure their issues didn’t affect him. Annie has spoken highly of Scott in many interviews. She told the WorkingMother magazine that “she wouldn’t trade that marriage for anything.” After their separation, both Annie and Scott moved on with a new partner.

Let’s unravel some facts about Annie Potts’ third husband, Scott.

He is an Assistant Director and Producer

In his capacity as a second-unit Director aka Assistant Director, Senechal has helped create several iconic movies.

His work on They Live (1988) helped realize John Carpenter’s vision of a society under alien subjugation. For Natural Born Killers (1994), he managed complex sequences that contributed to the film’s intense success. His involvement in Thelma & Louise (1991) ensured the film’s visually stunning moments came out with precision. Additionally, his work on Rain Man (1988) played a role in bringing the emotional depth and narrative complexity of the film to life.

As a producer his work includes, Beyond the Farthest Star (2015), and The Dark Path Chronicles (2008). He has worked in the Sound Department as well for the movies, The Seduction of Gina, Brewster’s Millions, Goldengirl, and Country.

Scott’s most recent endeavor as an associate producer was in the 2017 psychological thriller, The Ballerina (2017). After he became part of the film, its writer, Steve Pullen said,

The associate producer is so critical. We’re so lucky we got him. The stars have kind of just aligned.

His Father was a Lieutenant Colonel

Scott’s family roots trace back to the serene town of Drake, North Dakota, where he was born on April 10th, 1948. As a child in a family of four siblings, his early life was framed by the strong values and diverse experiences his parents, Victor and Phyllis Senechal, brought.

Scott and Annie's son Clay in a picture with his mom.
Scott and Annie attending an event.

His father, Victor, a dedicated serviceman, reached the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Air Force before transitioning to a civilian role with the Department of Agriculture. Sadly, Victor passed away in 2003. Phyllis, Scott’s mother, who passed in 2010, was the family’s cornerstone, nurturing their home with love.

Scott himself announced the departure of his mom from the living world through his Facebook.

Growing up, Scott shared his childhood with two brothers, Kim and Gary, and a sister, Julianne. Tragically, the family faced profound loss with the untimely passing of Scott’s brother Kim, a chapter in their lives that predated even the loss of their parents.

He Enjoys a Stable Married Life Just Like His Ex-Wife

Scott enjoys a peaceful and fulfilling married life with Peggy Ford in Moseley, Virginia. We first found out about his marriage, through Peggy’s sister-in-law, Janice Chewning’s obituary.

For Scott, this is his third marriage. Before marrying Peggy and Annie, he was in a marital relationship with Ann Daniel from 1969 to 1981. Likewise, Potts was married two times before, first to Steven Hartley and second to Greg Antonacci.

A photo of Petty, Scott Senechal's wife
Scott’s third wife Petty. Source: Facebook

His current relationship mirrors the stable family life his ex-wife has built with her husband, James Hayman. Annie and James tied the knot on September 2nd, 1990, after their paths crossed on the indie film set of Breaking the Rules.

Their connection deepened, partly due to James’s immediate bond with Clay, Annie, and Scott’s son. The couple has since expanded their family, welcoming two sons, Harry, born 1996, and James Hayman, born 1992, into the world. All three of Annie’s sons have grown into creative individuals, with Clay pursuing a career in writing and James in music.

Scott Is Doing Well For Himself Now

Presently, Scott Senechal is leveraging his wealth of experience in the film industry at Freelance Jax, a video creation company. The company prides itself on tackling complex challenges with innovative solutions, specializing in areas like IoT (Internet of Things), cloud services, and product development.

His academic background, with a degree from the prestigious University of California, has undoubtedly played a significant role in his professional achievements.

On the personal front, Scott and his wife Peggy have found their sanctuary in Bay Point Way, Mosley, where they reside in a beautiful home they purchased for $713,941. This space is more than just a house; it’s a reflection of Scott’s journey, achievements, and the stable life he has built over the years.

Meanwhile, he has a decent net worth of $5 million.

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