Annie Agar’s Love Life: Journalist Ex-BF, Ideal Partner, and Mystery Lover!

For those of you who are looking to slid into Annie's Dm, you gotta know the type of man she's looking for. Check out below.

By RahulPublished on: June 26, 2024 Updated on: July 5, 2024
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You’ve probably seen Annie Agar lighting up your social media timeline, right? She’s that sports content queen who mixes sharp humor with spot-on sports analysis. But it’s not just her brain that has folks buzzing; Annie’s bold style and the fun glimpses into her adventurous life have her male fanbase kinda obsessed. Dive into the comments on any of her posts, and you’ll see the heart-eyes emojis piling up.

And get this—there are whole subreddits dedicated to discussing and fantasizing about her. Yeah, she’s got fans who are all about worshipping their Insta queen. Now, with all this adoration, you can bet everyone’s dying to know if there’s someone special behind those cozy dinner date-like snaps she drops now and then. She keeps it mysterious, though, only teasing us with bits and pieces, leaving everyone guessing who might be sharing those meals with her.

She Has One Confirmed Relationship

Alright, before talking about her current relationship, let’s dive into a bit of the romance gossip that’s swirled around Annie in the past. So, back in 2019, she was in a relationship with Zach Harig, a former sports anchor at Fox17.

Annie Agar and her former partner Zach
With her ex-bf. Source: Twitter

While Annie and Zach were still dating, they were kind of an item for a few years, sporadically showing up on each other’s feeds and giving us those cute couple vibes. But like all good things, that chapter closed, sometimes around the second COVID wave.

Besides this, there’s also been some chatter about Annie and Tyreek Hill, the speedster from the NFL. Remember that flirty tweet exchange they had in 2023? Yeah, that sparked a whole wildfire of rumors about them maybe dating. But chill, it was all in good fun.

Despite the buzz, those tweets were just playful banter, nothing serious. So, no, they weren’t an item, but it sure kept the Twitterverse on its toes for a hot minute.

Rewinding back to her high school, she has had a couple of boyfriends one of which may have been her prom date Josh Gani.

A Secret Someone Behind Those Beautiful Photos

Now, let’s talk about what might be going on in Annie Agar’s love life these days—pure speculation, but hear me out. For some time now, she’s been posting these pics that kinda scream date night. We’re talking fancy dinners, candlelit tables, and Annie looking drop-dead gorgeous in some seriously chic outfits. I mean, it’s not every day you dress to the nines to grab a bite with just any friend, right?

Annie Agar wearing a strapless white dress
Ready for the date night. Source: Instagram

Interestingly, in 2024, she took a trip to France. Yep, the land of romance. The photos? Absolutely stunning. But here’s where it gets interesting: she didn’t share any snaps of who was taking those picture-perfect shots. Could it be a secret boo? It’s not a wild guess to think maybe she wasn’t just soaking up that French sun alone.

So, what do you think? Is Annie keeping her romantic life on the down-low, or are these just snippets of a fab single life? It’s all up in the air, and it’s totally up to you to guess who might be behind the camera.

Until and unless she comes clean, we have to say she is single, folks and ready to mingle.

We Have an Idea of The Type Of Husband She Wants

From what we’ve seen, Annie’s got that bold, go-getter kind of flair. She’s not just sitting around; she’s out there, whether it’s at sports events, dressed up for a classy dinner, or chilling in casual gear. She seems to enjoy a good mix of high-energy outings and laid-back moments. Plus, she’s not shy about showing some patriotism, and her passion for the Green Bay Packers is undeniable.


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Given this snapshot of her personality, Annie likely needs someone who can keep up with her dynamic lifestyle. This guy would need to be cool with switching from tailgate parties at a Packers game to suiting up for a fancy dinner downtown. Her future husband had to respect her independence and maybe even share her sense of adventure.

Annie wearing a floral slit style dress
Source: Instagram

Also, given her conservative leanings, it’d make sense if her ideal partner shares similar values—someone who’s perhaps also a fan of traditional vibes but still open to the fun that comes with Annie’s spontaneous plans.

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