Andrew Schulz Fumbled While Proposing To His Wife Emma Turner

By AtticusPublished on: May 21, 2024 Updated on: May 21, 2024
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Andrew Schulz has made a name for himself as a standout comedian with a knack for the candid and the controversial. Known for his roles on MTV2’s Guy Code and as the voice behind popular podcasts like Flagrant and The Brilliant Idiots, Schulz’s comedic style is as fearless as it is humorous.

Equally intriguing is his wife, Emma Turner, a polished New York University graduate who thrives in the upper echelons of the tech world. The couple are well-known figures in New York City’s vibrant culinary scene, where Emma’s influence on Andrew’s dietary preferences is unmistakable. Once a lover of junk food and subpar sushi, Andrew’s tastes have evolved under Emma’s subtle guidance, mirroring the transformative effects of their relationship.

As we explore the different facets of their public and private lives, we’ll see how Emma’s background, career, and influence seamlessly blend with Andrew’s journey in comedy.

Andrew and Emma’s Love Life – Andrew Fumbled While Proposing

The romance between comedian Schulz and Emma is a tale of unexpected twists and heartfelt commitments. Their journey began over a casual confession during their first date—Andrew, with his unique humor, revealed his unconventional eating habit of consuming just one meal a day, usually at a diner or a sushi restaurant.

This light-hearted beginning took a slightly rough turn on their third date when Emma suffered food poisoning from his favorite sushi spot, an event that might have derailed a less promising romance, yet it only brought the couple closer.

After a couple of years, the lovebirds became engaged in October 2020. Andrew took to Instagram to share the exciting news of their engagement.

In his post, he playfully acknowledged his nervousness during the proposal, revealing a funny slip of the tongue. His caption read: “Hang the jersey from the rafters. The kid is out the game. I was so nervous I actually said ‘Will you spend the LEST of your RIFE with me.’ Here’s to the lest of our rives my love ❤️“.

Andrew and Emma got engaged in October 2020
Andrew and Emma got engaged in October 2020

They got married on December 18, 2021, in the picturesque setting of Montecito, California, just over a year after their engagement. The bride looked stunning in a mermaid-style gown with a full veil, while the groom opted for a classic white tuxedo. The ceremony was attended by close friends and notable figures, including Charlamagne Tha God and Joe Rogan.

After their wedding, Andrew posted a video clip from the day on his Instagram, calling it the best day of his life. A week later, he shared a wedding photo with the caption, “DETHRONED. Harry and Meghan your time in the spotlight is done. Montecito isn’t big enough for two power couples living off the generosity of their in-laws!


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In February 2024, Andrew and his wife Emma welcomed their first daughter, Shiloh Jean Schulz. The comedian announced the joyful news on Instagram on February 10, sharing photos of his newborn daughter and some from Emma’s pregnancy.

In the caption, he expressed his excitement and hopes for Shiloh, mentioning the remarkable journey ahead and his aspirations to be a good father. He also praised Emma’s strength throughout the pregnancy, stating, “What an incredible woman you have to look up to. We got lucky. I love you so much.

Andrew with his newborn daughter Shiloh Jean Schulz
Andrew with his newborn daughter Shiloh Jean Schulz

Emma’s Mother Instilled Cooking Passion Into Her

She was born Emma Kathryn Turner on February 14, 1995, in Santa Barbara, California, into a family where culinary and creative talents would soon intertwine. As the youngest and only daughter of Kristin Turner, she grew up with her two brothers—Derek, a West Point graduate and an Army Ranger, and Will, who pursued rugby in New Zealand.

Emma’s culinary journey began through family tradition. Initially unskilled in the kitchen, her mother Kristin was sent to train under a chef named Norbert as a unique “wedding gift” from her father. This experience transformed Kristin, who then passed her new skills onto Emma, sparking her lifelong passion for cooking.

Emma Turner with her mother and two elder brothers
Emma Turner with her mother and two elder brothers

This passion deepened when Emma’s stepfather introduced her to fine dining, notably at Joel Robuchon in Las Vegas, where the exquisite food, particularly the creamy mashed potatoes, left a profound impression on her.

She Works For Apple

Emma graduated cum laude from NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study, focusing on writing, literature, and fashion business, and later earned an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business.

Simultaneously, she built a robust career in fashion, beginning as an associate buyer at Barney’s New York, advancing to an account executive role at Saturdays NYC, and eventually serving as a senior account executive at Re/done. In this position, she managed sales for North American accounts and led strategic initiatives that significantly enhanced profits and optimized product assortment.

Her mother, Kristin, owner of La Playa Pilates in Santa Barbara, has been a continual source of inspiration, particularly in areas of wellness and personal care.

Emma’s professional journey extends beyond fashion into technology and entrepreneurship. She currently excels as an AI/ML Program Manager at Apple in New York City, where she focuses on advancing artificial intelligence and machine learning applications. Additionally, Emma is the Founder and CEO of Blistered Peppers Inc., where she shares her culinary insights and experiences as a food blogger.

Her career foundation was laid through internships at prestigious organizations such as Balenciaga, Penguin Random House, Proenza Schouler, and Marie Claire.

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