Seven Surprising Facts About Andrea Guo, Maxton Hall — The World Actress

By Sagar ChandPublished on: May 13, 2024 Updated on: May 14, 2024
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Andrea Guo, originally from Vienna, Austria, has quickly made a name for herself in the acting world. She currently stars as Lin Wang, the close friend of the protagonist Ruby Bell, in the German-language TV series Maxton Hall — The World Between Us. This show, adapted from Mona Kasten’s bestseller Save Me, debuted on Amazon Prime Video on May 9, 2024.

Moving into the heart of the series, the narrative unfolds over six episodes and explores the tumultuous relationship between two star-crossed lovers—James Beaufort, played by Damian Hardung, and Ruby Bell, portrayed by Harriet Herbig-Matten.

To explore Andrea’s career and other aspects beyond the camera lens, here are seven surprising facts you should know about her!

She Was Born to Chinese Parents

Andrea was born on February 2, 2000, in Hollabrunn, Lower Austria. Her family heritage traces back to Chinese roots, as both her parents are from China. Although the specifics of her parents’ identities remain undisclosed, Guo frequently shares snapshots featuring them on her Facebook profile.

Andrea's mom and dad.
Guo’s father and mother. (Image: Facebook)

In addition, the actress has a brother, Matthias Guo, who currently resides in Liesing, Wien, Austria. Matthias went to BiHs Leoben Stadt before pursuing further studies at Josef Enslein Platz.

She Studied Acting in Germany

Following her high school graduation, Guo relocated to Cologne, Germany in 2016, where she embarked on her initial acting training at the Film Acting School Cologne.

Seeking to advance her skills further, she made her move to Los Angeles, California, in January 2022 and enrolled in the renowned Ivana Chubbuck Studio.

Her First International Series Was ‘The Swarm’

Andrea’s international acting debut came with her portrayal of Jess in the ecological thriller The Swarm. The series, produced by Frank Doelger, an executive producer and director on the HBO series Game of Thrones, also represented her first foray into performing in English.

Andrea Guo posing for a photo.
(Image: Instagram)

Broadcast on ZDF between February 22 and March 8, 2023, the series featured acclaimed actors such as Cécile de France and Alexander Karim in leading roles.

She Found Attending Film Festivals Beneficial For Her Budding Acting Career

In a 2023 interview with WeAudition, Andrea Guo emphasized the significant impact of film festivals on her developing career in the entertainment industry. She described these events as “one of the best Festival experiences I’ve ever had.”

Furthermore, Guo inspired her peers with a piece of advice: “Don’t spend your money on holidays just save it for those festivals cuz you meet like so many inspiring people you meet people you get to work with maybe in the future.”

Andrea Guo promoting a clothing brand.
(Image: Instagram)

In May 2023, she also attended the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.

She Made Her Acting Debut in 2019

Andrea landed her first acting role as Birthe in the German drama series We Are the Wave in 2019. The show, inspired by Todd Strasser’s 1981 novel The Wave, debuted on Netflix on November 1, 2019.

Since her debut, she has accumulated a diverse portfolio, featuring prominently in numerous TV movies and series. Here is the table:

TV Series Role Year
Hausen Loan (8 episodes) 2020
Der Lehrer Isa (1 episode) 2021
Die Toten von Salzburg Lien Kang (1 episode) 2021
Schule am Meer (TV Movie) Cathleen 2022
Lowenzahn Jola (1 episode) 2022
The Swarm Jesse (6 episodes) 2023
German Genius Huyen (3 episodes) 2023
In aller Freundschaft – Die jungen Ärzte Luna Reinhard/Meera Hauser (2 episodes) 2022-2023
Neuer Wind im Alten Land Lily Schmidtbauer (2 episodes) 2024
Maxton Hall: The World Between Us Lin Wang (6 episodes) 2024

Looking ahead, Andrea’s project GodHead is currently in post-production, and the TV movie Zwischen den Fronten has been completed.

In addition to her screen roles, she also continues to enrich her acting career on stage as a member of the Metropol Theatre.

She Is Also a Model

Alongside her blossoming acting career, Guo has also made strides in the world of modeling. She has participated in numerous photoshoots in Berlin, Germany, primarily promoting a diverse array of clothing brands.

Andrea is a model.
Andrea Guo. (Image: Instagram)

Her modeling portfolio includes collaborations with well-known companies such as Patrizia Pepe, among others. These partnerships are prominently highlighted in her profiles on Model-Booker.

Guo Has Had Several Restaurant Jobs

Beyond her engagements in the entertainment and fashion industries, Andrea has explored various roles in the hospitality sector. She currently works at Hillebrands, a well-regarded gastropub, and at Joe Champs, a popular sports bar.

Before these positions, she was employed at Brug Satzvey, a performance and event venue, and at Maria Eetcafe, a restaurant known for its cozy atmosphere.


  • Andrea stands at 5ft 2in (1.6m) tall and weighs 55 kg.
  • She has brown eyes and black hair.
  • She is fluent in German and Chinese.
  • Her accent is American-Asian.
  • She is also a sports enthusiast who participates in boxing, martial arts, and stunts.
  • Andrea is skilled in various dance styles including contemporary, hip-hop, and jazz.
  • She is currently single.

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