Tyne Daly’s Daughter Alyxandra Beatris Brown Is a Baker Not Actor

By RahulPublished on: March 20, 2024 Updated on: April 3, 2024
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Alyxandra Beatrice Brown, 38, has a story that’s both fascinating and unique, shaped by her renowned parents and her own life decisions. Her mother, Tyne Daly, is famous for her strong roles, especially in Cagney & Lacey. Her father, Georg Stanford Brown, is also well-known in Hollywood, as an actor and director, most famous for his work in The Rookies.

Tyne and Georg married on June 26, 1966, during a time when interracial marriages faced significant societal scrutiny. The couple experienced racial prejudice, with Brown notably stating the widespread prejudice they encountered, particularly because he married a white woman.

Despite the challenges, they often ignored the negativity, except in a notable instance during an episode of The Rookies, where they insisted on keeping their groundbreaking on-screen kiss, standing against network censors. Despite their resilience and the love that kept them together for 24 years, Daly and Brown eventually divorced in 1990 due to irreconcilable differences.

Tyne and Georg broke all barriers.
Tyne and Georg broke all barriers. Source: Facebook

Growing up with such talented parents has certainly influenced her life. These values have deeply influenced her personal life today, so much so that she has followed a similar path. As a mother of three, she has seemingly continued the family’s tradition of breaking societal norms.

But her story is more than just about her famous lineage. Read on to learn more about her life, so far, and what is she doing nowadays.

Her Marriage Is a Nod To Her Parent’s Relationship

Alyxandra’s marriage to Mark Atkins, a white man, in 2019 mirrors the pioneering spirit of her own parents’ interracial union. After being engaged since April 27, 2014, the couple exchanged vows in a meaningful ceremony on Victoria Island.

This significant event is not just a personal milestone for Alyxandra but also an homage to the legacy of understanding and acceptance forged by her mother and father.

Tyle Daly with her daughters
Alyxandra with her husband and other family members.

Alyxandra and Mark are a parent of three children; Roscoe, 6; Evelyn, their first daughter, 4; and Theia, 1. Her daughter Theia came 15 days past her due date.

Her husband Atkins hails from British Columbia, Canada, and works in the film and media industry. He is the founder of Mind’s Eye Production. He is also an avid cook.

She Makes Cakes for a Living

Alyxandra currently operates Five Petal Creations, a charming bakery based in Victoria, BC, which she co-founded with her husband, Mark, in 2020. This bakery isn’t just a business; it’s the realization of a shared dream, a place where every cake and baked good tells a story.

They specialize in creating cakes for every occasion, from weddings to the joy of birthdays and any other significant milestones in between.  Their collaborative approach combines Mark’s culinary skills with Alyxandra’s baking expertise, making their bakery a beloved destination for those looking to celebrate life’s special moments.

with her husband and kids
Her hubby, Mark, (right) supported her journey to become a baker. Source: Facebook

Her love for baking was always a part of her life, even after she completed her BA in English Literature and explored different culinary programs. Her real turning point in baking came when she moved back to Los Angeles and worked under Barbara at The Village Bakery and Café.

But the major shift in her life and career path came when she moved to Canada and met Mark. This meeting was more than just a chance encounter; it was the catalyst for a significant transformation. Mark also shared an interest in all things food.

Their connection and shared aspirations made her rethink her career. With his encouragement and support, she made the bold decision to pursue her passion for baking and together they started Five Petals. They have navigated the challenges of starting a new business, especially during the pandemic. And now, they are not just partners in life but also their professional journey.

She Has Two Sisters

Alyxandra Beatrice Brown’s oldest sister, Alisabeth Brown, born on December 12, 1967, has spent most of her life as a potter and has also ventured into glassworking. She is a mother to two grown-up daughters.

Kathryne Dora Brown, the middle child, is perhaps the most recognized face among the siblings. She took after their parents, especially their mother, in the acting domain. From a young age, Kathryne was passionate about acting and started taking acting classes earlier on.

Today, she is not only an accomplished actor, with roles in films like Poison Ivy II and The Reading Room but also a preschool teacher. Kathryne, too, is a mother of two daughters.

Despite their different career paths, the sisters maintain a tight familial bond, often appearing together on social media and supporting each other’s endeavors.

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Birthday: October 2nd, 1985

Net Worth: $500,000

Ethnicity: White and Jamaican

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