Addison Rae’s Mom Sheri Easterling Remarries – Meet The Lucky Guy

Addison Rae's mom, Sheri Nicole announced her marriage in an Instagram post on May 11, 2024.

By AtticusPublished on: May 13, 2024 Updated on: May 13, 2024
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Sheri Easterling, mother of social media sensation Addison Rae, has remarried. Announcing her marriage in an Instagram post on May 11, 2024, Sheri, 44, shared that it had been “One whole week today ๐Ÿฅนโ™ฅ๏ธ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’’” since the ceremony, confirming the wedding took place on May 4. Sheri’s children, Addison Rae, Enzo, and Lucas Lopez, were present to celebrate their wedding.

While initially keeping the identity of her new spouse a mystery in her Instagram post, Sheri later updated her relationship status on Facebook, revealing her new husband as Jess Curtis. Similarly, Jess updated his Facebook to reflect their union. Despite changing her last name to Curtis, Sheri continues to use her maiden name, Sheri Nicole, as her Instagram handle.

Addison Rae's mom, Sheri Easterling remarried
Addison Rae’s mom, Sheri got married on May 4, 2024

Previously, Sheri was linked to rapper and singer-songwriter Yung Gravy. Their brief relationship, spanning from August to October 2022, captivated public attention. Yung Gravy later attributed their split to the challenges of maintaining a long-distance relationship.

Reflecting on their time together during an Amazon Music interview, he fondly recalled their appearance at the VMAs as a “beautiful day,” but acknowledged the impracticality of continuing the relationship due to geographical distances. Despite their past, Yung Gravy surprised fans by congratulating Sheri on her marriage in the comments of her Instagram announcement.

Who is Addison Rae’s New Stepfather, Jess Curtis?

Hailing from Many, Louisiana, Jess Curtis has deep roots in his community. A graduate of Many High School and Northwestern State University, he returned to his alma mater to serve initially as a defensive coordinator before taking on the head coach role in 2010. Under his leadership, the team secured three state championships and three runner-up finishes over nine seasons, boasting an impressive 163-24 record and consistent playoff appearances over 13 years.

Jess’s dedication to football is a family legacy, honored in the naming of the John W. Curtis Tiger Stadium after his father. John W. Curtis, a former player and local businessman, was a steadfast supporter of the Many football program.

Jess Curtis with his team after the Many Tigers won state championship
Jess Curtis with his team after the Many Tigers won the state championship

Jess’s journey took a challenging turn after leaving Many, where his brother Moses served as principal. He aspired to become the head coach at West Monroe but was not selected for the position. Despite this initial setback, Jess soon embraced a new opportunity as the head coach at Natchitoches Central, a role that set the stage for his eventual move to Southside High in Youngsville, Louisiana.

Previously married to Wendy Curtis, Jess is the father of Jesse Curtis, who now serves as the Strength and Conditioning Coach at Natchitoches Central. He is also a grandfather to Kit Curtis and Jackson Cambias.

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