Actress Alexandra Daniels Is A Happy Soul Enjoying a Beautiful Marriage

By Navin SoniPublished on: May 14, 2024 Updated on: May 14, 2024
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American actress Alexandra Daniels, renowned for her roles in television and film, is basking in the joys of married life with fellow actor Alex Quijano. The couple, who exchanged vows in a picturesque ceremony at Valentine DTLA on November 14, 2022, has been together since 2016.

Quijano, known for his appearances in One Day at a Time (2017), Fresh Off the Boat (2015), and Aquarius (2015), took eight years to propose to Alexandra, a fact she humorously shared on Instagram.

“This guy proposed to me a year ago today. Can you believe it took him like…eight years to finally admit he was, like, totally obsessed with me. He’s alright. (JK. HES THE BEST & IM THE LUCKIEST.),” she wrote, capturing the playful essence of their relationship.

Alexandra Daniels With Her Husband Alex Quijano On The Wedding Day
The Newly Wed Couple

Following the proposal, the couple embarked on what Alexandra dubbed an “ENGAGEMOON,” trekking through the Grand Canyon. She shared their adventure on Instagram, detailing their journey:

“First he proposed, then he brought me on an ENGAGEMOON ✨ because that’s the kinda guy @alex_quijano_ is 🥹💗 Days 1-3 of Grand Canyon adventures from the very top to the very bottom and back! 🧡 This was my first time to the Grand Canyon and it was a D R E A M ✨ now all I wanna do is hike the world? Day 1: set up camp, south Kaibab to skeleton point (6 miles) Day 2: Bright Angel Trail to Indian Village & Colorado River (16 miles) this was my FAVORITE hike, we travelled all the way down, had lunch at the very bottom and then came all the way back up. Day 3: Wake-up in the SNOW ❄️ pack up camp and head to Sedona!”

The couple’s mutual admiration is evident in their frequent social media posts, where they refer to each other as their “Fav Person.” Their ongoing love story continues to charm fans and followers alike.

As Alexandra enjoys this new chapter in her personal life, her fans eagerly anticipate her future projects and successes in the entertainment industry. More details about her career and achievements will follow in the subsequent sections of this article.

She Is An Exact Replica Of Her Mother

Born in October 1989 in Los Angeles, California, Alexandra is the eldest of two children. She has a younger brother named Benjamin Daniels.

Daniels With Her Brother Benjamin
The Siblings Looks Adorable Together

While she refrains from speaking about her father, her relationship with her mother Christina Daniels is evidently close and cherished. She frequently shares heartfelt posts featuring her mum on her Instagram.

On May 14, she shared a series of beautiful photos of her mother with a caption that read,

✨ t h e • m a m m a ✨ all kinds of mammas & all kinds of relationships — but very grateful for this mamma and our relationship.

The post also features her mum’s photo from her youth, fans, and followers noted the striking resemblance between Alexandra and her mother. Many commented on how she looks exactly like her mother did when she was young.

Comparing Alexandra Daniels & Her Mother Christina (Young & Adult Photos)
Alexandra And Her Mother Look The Same

This close relationship with her mother is a significant aspect of Alexandra’s life, showcasing her family-oriented nature and the deep connections she values.

A Versatile Career That Extends Beyond Acting

Daniels boasts a versatile and extensive career in the entertainment industry not only as an actor but also as a writer and producer. As a member of SAG-AFTRA since 2013, she has accumulated over 11 years of experience as a film, TV, and commercial actress. Based in Los Angeles, CA, she has made significant contributions to various acting projects.

Her journey in commercial acting began in 2015 with SBV Talent, where she has continued to excel for the past nine years. In addition to her commercial work, Alexandra is also represented by Sovereign Talent Group as a theatrical actress.

Her educational background includes studying acting from 2009 to 2011, which laid the foundation for her successful career. Beyond her acting skills, she is also trained in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), adding a unique dimension to her abilities and versatility as an actress.

With a blend of experience, training, and diverse skills, Alexandra continues to shine in the competitive world of entertainment.

Diverse Roles and Projects of Alexandra Daniels

Project Type Role Character/Details Status Year
The Music Makers Film Actress Pre-production
The Temptress Film Actress Pre-production
Kickback, V Film Actress Alex Williams Pre-production
Final Heat Film Actress Hillary Released May 2024
Friend of Dave Short Actress, Producer, Director Ellie, Producer, Director Post-production
The Redeemer Film Actress Ruby Pre-production
Station 19 TV Series Actress Emma 1 episode 2024
Moonburn Podcast Series Actress Sadie 2 episodes 2024
(Un)Likeminded: A Sci-Fi Audio Anthology Podcast Series Actress, Associate Producer Romy, Associate Producer 1 episode 2024
LEGO Fortnite Video Game Actress (voice) 2023
Puppy Place TV Series Actress Ellen 1 episode 2022
What If…? TV Series Actress (voice) Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel 3 episodes 2021
Barely Professional TV Movie Actress Janie 2017
Mothers and Daughters Film Actress Layla 2016
Salem TV Series Actress Abigail Cook / Abigail Cooke 2 episodes 2014
36 Questions Short Producer 2016
The Last Treasure Hunt Film Associate Producer 2016