A Look At US Track Athlete Abby Steiner’s Ethnicity

By RahulPublished on: April 29, 2024 Updated on: May 1, 2024
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On April 28, 2024, Abby Steiner thrilled the track & field community with her remarkable performance at the USATF Bermuda Grand Prix, securing her second consecutive 200m title.

Just a year after a grueling recovery from a heel injury, the 24-year-old American sprinter showcased her resilience by not only returning to competition but also expanding her prowess into the 400m event at the Tom Jones Invitational.

Her journey from surgery on a bone spur in her Achilles tendon to standing atop the podium has captivated fans and proven that perseverance pays off.

As Abby’s athletic achievements draw attention, so does curiosity about her personal life. People are keen to understand more about her ethnicity, her family, and even her net worth.

Let’s dive right into it then!

She Has a German Background

Steiner’s ancestry is a mix of German and English. The surname Steiner is actually German for ‘stone’ or ‘rock,’ which is pretty cool and kind of fitting, given her solid performance on the track.

A lot of people might think she is a Jewish, however, that is not the truth. She is white.

She is the daughter of Mollie and David Steiner and grew up in the suburb of Dublin, Ohio, just outside Columbus. She shared her childhood with her older twin siblings, Riley, her sister, and Jack, her brother. Growing up in Dublin, she attended Dublin Coffman High School.

Her Struggles Before Becoming a Sensation

Back when Abby was an up and coming standout track and soccer athlete in Ohio, she faced significant personal challenges alongside her athletic achievements. The summer of 2014 brought a profound change to her life when her sister, Riley, was diagnosed with T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. This diagnosis was a shock and significantly altered the dynamics of the Steiner family.

During this difficult period, sports became Abby’s refuge, helping her cope with her sister’s illness. She channeled her emotions into her athletic performance, using her dedication to sports as a way to support her sister and bring pride to her family. Abby’s commitment resulted in multiple state titles and personal bests in track, showing remarkable resilience and determination.

Abby Steiner with her sister Riley Steiner
Abby and Riley Steiner.

As Riley fought her way to remission by 2016, Abby continued to excel in both track and soccer, achieving state records and earning accolades like first-team All-American honors.

Despite a setback from a torn ACL, Abby achieved all-state honors in soccer and broke four state high school records in track, collecting 16 state individual championships along the way. She began her collegiate career in 2018 at the University of Kentucky (UK) on a dual-sport scholarship, participating in both soccer and track.

During her freshman year, Abby started all 19 games for the UK soccer team, scoring two goals and adding five assists. However, after that season, she decided to leave soccer to focus solely on track. In a 2022 interview with the Lexington Herald-Leader, Abby explained that concentrating fully on track allowed her to properly engage in the periodized training necessary for developing her speed and achieving her goals in athletics.

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